Thursday, October 30, 2014

1 year stats and first haircut - LTW

The morning we took Levi to his check up went a little something like this. Hurry, hurry- rush, rush. Brush teeth, change clothes, finish homework, sign permission slips, rechange clothes after noticing food?/snot?/mystery mark on my shoulder, chase Shep down like an animal to put shoes on him and load everyone in the car to head to school. I slid the door shut after buckling Levi in and then hopped in to buckle my own seatbelt when Reagan said, "Uh, mom. We haven't had breakfast." Alright kids, a round of bananas and granola bars on me. Drop Reagan off at school, then over to Grandma Darlene's to take Shepherd (because I will not make the mistake of taking more than one child with me to an appointment again. coloring on non washable surfaces could have been involved.) Oh and it was obviously raining felines and canines that day as well. Shep is dropped of, we drive across town to the office, walk in and are told "whoops! we told you the wrong day. It's tomorrow. Doctor is not even in the office on Thursdays. No openings the rest of the morning either. teeheehee." Walk of shame back to the car and make lemonade of the situation and have my oil changed. Levi, I believe, thinks oil changes are his and I's romantic date spot because he was thriving/basking in all of the one-child attention. Any way, copy and paste this situation onto the next day when we did it all over again for his actual appointment. I know, I know; my life is so exciting!

He was both very mischevious and very charming during his appointment and I just stared and stared at him because I don't feel like I look at him enough. I know that is a weird admission but it's true. I get caught up in busyness and miss just watching him explore his little world.

 weight - 21 lbs 6 oz
height - 29.5 inches

 And then the shot happened =(

Earlier this week we had his first hair cut. Like usual, Aunt Debbie did the honors and did a great job.

Then some lite superman-ing to finish the night.

Reagan's first cut here (his hair was so light!) and Shep's here.

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bnlacombe said...

Please do the world a favor and make some more children. Could they be any cuter? Serioulsy, imagine how gorg your daughter would be.