Friday, August 15, 2008

Lake '08 In Review

Aunt Debbie gave Reagan his very first haircut while we were up there! It was a little difficult trying to cut in motion but she is a pro! He looks like such a little boy now (me: one hand thumbs up, one hand thumbs down...)
The boys helps re-shingle Gma & Gpa's garage roof last week too.
Reagan went to his first turtle races also!! Unfortunately his turtle did not do so well, it pretty much didn't move. 
We put in a new dock in front of the blue cabin!

We play a good deal of games while we are up there. Uncle Bob organized a Black Jack tournament Saturday night. In our 20X30 foot cabin we it 35 people in there. Mmmm, cozy. 

We held a Sequence tournament too. It involved three rotating tables. Rhys and I (oh yeah, and Grace) were unstoppable. Seriously. Until we met our match with Aunt B and Emily. 
We played charades and bags too. Above is my dad acting out "pepperoni pizza roll."
Reagan loved playing this with the girls and William this time.
Family picture time! Who's excited?! The whole family and then just the grandkids.

Whole fam again and then I zoomed in on this cute picture of the 5 of them.

Boo. I want to go back!

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