Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We've moved!

Yes, we are still alive. We have no Internet yet so it's made blogging semi-difficult. We made the big move Saturday, and I'm glad to say that I love the place Zach picked out. It has lots of room, lots of light and a great fenced in yard. We are still working on the musty smell and getting used to the whole well-water tango. 

Classes started this week for me and Reagan's day care started as well. I love both, especially because Reagan is doing fantastic with his new teachers (yes, he has "teachers" in this new place) and fellow classmates (he has those too). Funny story- when I dropped him off the first day he could have cared less. He begged for me to let him down to play. As I let him down another little girl asked me to pick her up, so I talked to his teacher the rest of the time with a stranger-child on my hip. Then as I left, I waved by to a totally content Reagan who was immersed in the John Deer tractor and consoled the stranger-child because SHE was upset that I was leaving! Anyway, once the Internet resurfaces I'll be back in (the blogging) action!


Brandie said...

I am so happy for you guys...but I miss you a ton!!!! It just isn't the same at work anymore....actually it is quite BORING!!!! But I guess that is good.

Jenna said...

Hope you get to be on more often very soon! Miss ya!