Monday, September 15, 2014

summer recap

A summery of summer via phone photos. Alliteration alert! Scroll away.

Drew's 24th birthday below. Everyone should feel really sorry for him because he recently left to work for a congressmen in Florida until the end of the election. I'm sure it is disgusting and super boring. #opposite

Monday, September 8, 2014


Since Zach works in Deer Creek he is able to volunteer for Deer Creek's fire department while he is working during the day (he got his EMT license this past Spring.) I took the boys, plus Reagan's buddy Cade, to the fire station and met Zach over his lunch. The competition for favorite parent is ON.

Look at those grown-up rabbit teeth coming in up there.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sylvan Lake 2014 - land

The boys caught a bunch of frogs/toads. Shepherd was surprisingly good at it. 

Evan brought his friend Alex this year and they made this trip SO FUN for the boys. Both Drew and Zach could not take time off of work to come and so I was very grateful that Evan and Alex were such good sports for the week.

I don't know if I've said it enough, or even if I could say it enough, but Reagan is just the best brother ever. Gush.

Reagan and my Dad funnily sporting matching swim trunks (who wore it best?)

iPhone pictures....

Let me just say this. The lake is the only place that would get me to drive 13 hours alone with my three kids. And I'll leave it at that. But not before I mention that by the time we pulled in to Normal (via the wrong exit by the way, the only wrong turn I took in 580 miles had to be within 2 miles of home,) Levi had eaten a bag of cheetos and been pants-less the last 5 hours...I let the boys eat ice cream in the car- no, no, just NO... and we had all apologized to one another many, many times for poor attitudes/voice raising. "Voice raising" is the kind term for yelling.

 Just a terrible place for morning walks. 

 I texted Debbie in the middle of the night that she was going to cut me bangs and like the supporter of rash-decisions she is, she trimmed away the very next morning. Zach has told me at least a handful of times since we've back how much he likes them.

The blurriness of the pictures above makes me crazy but in Zach's absence I tried to be a fun mom and do things like tubing with the boys. Reagan surfed most of the time (he rode faster/wilder with Evan and his friend) but Shep seriously loved the whole experience. Even when we fell in!

Sylvan Lake 2014 - water

I termed this game that they played all the time, "Reagan's rickshaw."

The last three years I've been either pregnant or newly not pregnant so I was very excited to ski. I did it, I dropped one, and did the wake thing but BOY were my legs/arms/headtotoe feeeeeling it. Note to self: come in-shape next year. My foot made close contact with a frog once inside the ski boot and I can't seem to shake that gross feeling. Even bringing it back up now made me shiver.

Until next year Sylvan!