Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall at Rader's Family Farm

We were super fortunate and were given a family pass to Rader's for Levi's birthday this year. We had such a good time all season!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween Twenty-Fifteen

We kicked off Halloween weekend with Shep's preschool halloween parade. He was very timid and would only carry his mask, not put it on. I let Reagan be late to school and stay and watch the parade with us (please no one look at his tardy record at school, it is so so bad. We find the most ridiculous reasons to be late. Or pick him up early (cough ZACH cough CUBS vs CARDINALS postseason cough.))  

Back row, center

Reagan's school party was the next day and we were in charge of drinks. Reagan and I worked on these together and had a lot of fun. Except no, because I don't have girls. He helped me with approximately 15% then complained so much that I relieved him of spending any crafting time with me at all and finished them alone.

That afternoon we went over to Grandma Sugar's retirement home (which is next to the school) and we watched Reagan parade through there with the rest of the kids. 

This is Grandma Sugar's neighbor!

 We cooked out/trick or treated back at Normal Ave (with the best crew) and had a great rest of Halloween.  Levi is a firefighter, Shep is bumblebee (we lost that battle) and Reagan is a navy seal.

Monday, November 2, 2015

10 Year Adoption Anniversary

October marked 10 years since Zach's sisters were officially adopted! My cousins Emily and Grace took some pictures for us to commemorate the occasion. In the last 10 years, Chris and Kristi's family of 3 has increased five-fold. Almost biblical proportions! This weekend we will celebrate with a traditional Russian meal prepared by Elena and Luba. 

I was a little on the fence at first but eventually Emily convinced me to let her bring out her wind machine 

Shep found a look that worked for him and really committed to it.

Please take note of Reagan's blue bandaid below.
 That afternoon we ran through McDonald's to feed/treat the kids to somewhere they've never had before (ha) while exchanging money with the cashier, reagan yelled up from the back that he really needed us to ask her for a bandaid. Because he'd cut his finger. On a pocket knife. This is really just a PSA so you know if you are in a pinch you can also get bandaids from the McDonald's drive thru. We are also going to just skim over the pocket knife part of this story. Like WHY DO YOU HAVE ONE?

 Irving Jr (3) Roma (6) Isaac (9 mo) Shep (3) Reagan (8) Valentino (4 mo) Levi (2)