Monday, May 27, 2019

Litchfield, SC Family Pictures

 Whoops. Zach and I are both squeezing his thigh into smile submission.

Cute Drew and Natalie I'm sure were forever scared watching us try to get our children to take pictures

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Josephine's TWO-TWO party

I literally came up with that catching moniker the day of her party. Pretty proud, not going to lie.

I decided on a ballet birthday party for her because I figured this was the last year I would have any say over the theme and gosh darn it if I wasn't going to get one ballet party out of the girl thing.

She GASPED at each present when she opened them and I about died <3 p="">

Delgado's brought the Mexican piƱata and it was the best

October photo round up


We left our water beads outside... and then it rained. They looked like they were on steroids. It was a giant mess.

Trenton and Maddie's birthday party

Mom's birthday, 55! woot woot

FYI if you are having a medical emergency, email is not the best way to reach me.

Shep caught and reeled in this awesome (pregnant?) bass!

And Levi with the perch! We love the Shaffer farm.