Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LTW - 2 years

Side note: I just sat down to eat a sandwich from Jimmy Johns while I wrote this post and when I unwrapped it I saw they forgot to put lettuce on it. It's a BLT so the lettuce is sort of the cornerstone to the sandwich. So that bugged me but it also reminded me of a story from a few years ago when the same thing happened to me. I caught it before I left the parking lot so I just parked and went inside. When I told the cashier they were like "HEY who's on lettuce?" and this worker with a pony tail turned around and it was MY BROTHER DREW. L.Oh.L. 

Levi's 2 year stats and facts

Height: 33.75 inches
Weight: 27 lbs 6 oz

He is starting to get really fun. I feel like Zach and I look at each other 50 times a day pointing out something funny/weird/brilliant we think he's doing (pretty much like all parents in all of history.) With that being said, he is also really trying. I won't dwell on that because I've already dedicated a whole post to it here

Physically he's got it all down. He kicks balls, stacks blocks, pushes scooters, almost pedals bicycles and escapes the house on a far too often basis. 

Verbally he says a lot of things. Probably more than he let's on because he is very very stubborn. Possibly the cutest word he says is Shepherd (bep-perd.) We'll keep working on stringing multiple words together.

One thing we've noticed about Levi is that he rarely asks for help. He is a super problem solver. If he wants something (a snack or a toy for instance) he figures out a way to get it all on his own. The antithesis to this is that he gets super mad when he can't do it himself and screams/hits anything nearby, instead of asking for help.

Sitting and playing quietly isn't really his jam. Books, coloring, movies...nothing he is interested in. If it is a video of someone he knows he will sit for maybe 2 minutes and watch it. That's about as much as I get. On the other hand, he will throw a football to you or put a basketball through his kiddie hoop for what feels like forever. 

Chris, Zach's dad, calls Levi a glazed donut. He always has something caked to his face (food, snot, a combo of both, etc.)

Likes... putting on everyone's shoes, mowing our yard, being outside ("ow-sigh"), most food.

Dislikes... having his face wiped, listening, having to sit down when he eats. 

Shep's 2 year here, Reagan's 2 year here

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Levi's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Levi's birthday September 22nd! He turned T W O.

The baby of the family is two and it's blowing my mind. He woke up to pancakes and we sung him Happy Birthday twice because Shepherd blew out his candles the first time.

Nothing is too good for this kid. We searched for some irrigation geese around businesses and schools to feed some stale bread too (he is really really into "quack quacks") and then picked up some McDonald's and ate it at a park. Then threw more stale bread to fish in a nearby pond.

While he napped I frosted some cookies and once he woke up him and Shep took care of the clean up for me.

That night we had the grandparents over for some pizza and cake. His presents from us included a 6 pack of root beer and a garage sale bicycle. Two things he is obsessed with. Foreshadowing the future perhaps, he is all over empty beer bottles. He likes to carry them around, smell them, pretend drink out of them, pretend "cheers" them...let's call it a quirk. A long time ago Zach and I decided for his birthday we would get him some root beer of his own that he could drink. He LOVED it. I ended up putting it in a huggie so if he dropped it, the bottle wouldn't break. Maybe the huggie also said "Shep's on 6th" (which is a bar in Minnesota.) I think two is a little early to get a bike but he basically pets any bike he see's and begs to just be allowed to sit on them. Zach found this one used and it was a major score. He was ecstatic to have one of his own.

pictures c/o of our resident family photographer Sofie

He really wanted to open presents but also really wanted to eat more pizza. It's a problem we all have if we're honest with ourselves. He said it's my birthday, I'll do both.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

July // August

CAUGHT. Always escaping.

 Paper link chain to count down to the lake!

Funk's Grove with Sofie...

Our "bookends"...

Another relaxing day poolside.

 Peoria Zoo with friends...

They are both waving at the llama


 Church bus-ing it aka highlight of the boys' week

Reverent cousins at Everett's baptism...