Thursday, October 19, 2017

Jojo's birthday party

I can't help but gravitate towards anything "bunny" for Jojo. They just seem so sweet to me and that's exactly what she is. Plus my security thing when I was little was a plain linen stuffed bunny so maybe that's why I'm partial to them too. Anyway, I decided Jo's birthday party needed to be bunny themed. 
"Some-bunny is one."

Reagan drew that large bunny silhouette for pin the tail on the bunny.

2/4 crossed eyed children 

I spy a set of toes under there.

Zach and I shocked ourselves with how excited we were for her to get "girl" toys. We even mentioned it a few times post-party too. A year later and the "girl newness" hasn't worn off. So strange seeing pink things around our house. I still dress her in navy most of the time.

When your birthday is the week before halloween you also have bats on the wall behind your birthday cake. 

Josephine Mae is ONE today

Our forever baby is ONE. #butlikehow
Her party tricks include:
singing Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys (for real, her brothers sing this on loop.)
Taking four unassisted steps at a time.
This thing where while already smiling, she smiles even bigger and sort of scrunches her nose and kills us all dead.

Is it weird to love smelling your baby's breath while they sleep?

Here's a break down of her first year because ain't no body have time to go back and separate it all out. This is all according to the notes section of my phone. Also if I ever die and anyone has any questions regarding anything, all my important life thoughts, passwords and dates are in iNotes.

3 months
Reaches and actively plays with toys

4 months
Rolled back to front (before rolling back to front, apparently the more challenging of the rolls. Yeast rolls are what I find the most difficult.)
Found her feet
January 30th she laughed in her sleep and it made me cry.

5 months
Sits up
Laughs out loud (she smiles at nothing but is difficult to actually get to belly laugh)
First swim in the pool

6 months
Rocks on all fours
Goes from all four to sitting

7 months

8 months
Crawled to me and said Mama (verified by three others!)

10 months
Can climb stairs
Standing/cruising along things
One and only tooth

9 months
apparently nothing because I don't have anything written down

11 months
Gives kisses

12 months
walks unassisted
one nap a day
weaned from nursing, takes whole milk from sippy
loves to feed other babies
loves books and dolls and food
says dog, dada, mama, more

Names include:
Jojo, Jo, Josie, Josie Mae, Jojo Mae, JoMae, Sissy, etc etc etc

 Birthday morning (the traditional candle in protein ball)

(Girl can be found carrying around a spare baby wipe at all times.)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Levi is F O U R ! ! ! !

Levi all of the sudden is huge. At his 4 year well check up this pediatrician was surprised to see he'd grown 4.5 inches just this past year and gained 8 pounds. Insert that shocked face emoji here.

One of the many exasperating traits of this child is that he rarely stays buckled in the car. Recently when I asked him why he was LAYING ON THE FLOOR OF THE VAN while I was driving he said "God wants me to do pushups right now."
He loves to wear belts.
She was having tummy troubles and I said I think it's just gas. Levi, "Shep did not swallow gas!"
We recently went to his parent teacher conference. I wasn't NOT nervous. But to our pleasant surprise it went well, like really well. Of course we still dealt with his normal behavior stuff, mainly that he has zero regard for authority. BUT (and levi would actually make that a BUTT) the positives are that he is ready for kindergarten academically... he just has another year and a half before he actually goes. Sometimes his frustrating traits overshadow the fact that he is really smart. He writes his first and last name by memory and is starting to do other names and words.

His teacher also told us that he knows what type of milk all of his friends like and picks them up for them when they eat lunch.
Still primarily identifies with the villain. But I now see he's more of the Robin Hood type which is encouraging.
Looking at a dollar bill, "He's naked on his head! And chicken nuggets on the sides?"
Riding in the car...
Shep, "Something smells, Levi did you pee?"
Levi, "No, my pee is waiting!"
Him and Shep went through a phase where they played a game where they each played characters called "Black Man" and "Dad."
Also went through a phase where he kept turning off the water to all our toilets.
Yelled for a long period of time in the middle of one night that girls can't go pee because they don't have a wiener.
He keeps driving my contact solution. Maybe he thinks they are little cups?
Says, "Fuss-a-rated" and "Didn't Es-pect that."
Pronounces vitamin like you would say Superman. Vita-Man.
"Like gum?" When I told Levi I had a song stuck in my head.
Loves symmetry.
"Why, it's just pretending." When we told him to stop picking at a fake plant.

39.8 lbs
41 inches

 We celebrated Levi and Makenna's birthdays at Kobe. The kids all sat together and had the best time.

 Birthday donuts :)

Later that day we went on a walk/bike ride and one of our neighbors got TP'd. Levi gasped, "Beautiful!" Then literally danced underneath the toilet paper blowing in the wind and while singing Hallelujah.  The most unpredictable human on earth. 

Zach and I made a treasure map for him to find all of his presents. Printable PDF coming soon.

 A few days later we went over to my mom's to celebrate his birthday again...