Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Levi - 2.5 year stats

Height - 35.5 inches
Weight - 31 lbs 4 oz

True story that just happened today.

While over playing outside at friends' this morning, Levi managed to lock us all out of their house. With him inside. After we coaxed him out (twice) and removed a door (2 moms + almost 9 kids) we gained entry. Then shortly after he had to literally be hosed down in their front yard (I won't elaborate on the whys because my stomach is too weak.)


He loves yogurt + fruit + granola.
Buckles himself into his carseat.
Never, ever follows the rules. Like, ever.
Takes a solid 2-3 hour nap.
Is full on talking now, PTL.
I think if I let him he'd move out and run his own life.
HAS to sing Jesus Loves Me before bed.
All about bugs.
Puzzle master.
Calls Reagan, Reagy.
More of a fighter than a lover but when you can get him to love, it's REAL good.

Shep 2.5 year 
Reagan 2.5 year

April round-up

I CANNOT believe it's May already! And I can not remember if cannot is two words or one. 

 Levi watching Nora open her presents and ignoring boundaries with Rhys.

 This needed documenting because I felt like it summed Shep up so well. He wore this baseball glove the entire walk to Reagan's school, sprinting and karate chopping the whole way. Then on the way home he picked me flowers {dandelions} and used the glove to carry them all.

A couple weeks ago Levi had this really random thing happen with his eye (it was pre septal cellulitis-- all praises go to Sam for helping us out with this one.) We spent most of a day at the optometrist with him for it. Thankfully he could have cared less/never even realized he was down one eye (???) ... it just looks crazy painful. The antibiotics worked like magic and it was back to normal, literally overnight.

Shep was loving this salad I made him, especially the "leaves" (no sarcasm.)

I got to go to Hearts at Home this year (mom conference) with my friend Ashley and we checked in a few times with our friend Beth who works for them. It was a long day that left you feeling both exhausted and energized. Overall very encouraging, I'm really glad I was able to go. Shout out to Zach who put together 2 ikea dressers, hung curtains in 4 bedrooms, rearranged/consolidated the boys' bedrooms, and fed/cared for 3 kids while I was gone the whole day. I'm wearing a coat because it was at the Peoria Civic Center so we are literally sitting atop ice, my pose doesn't have an explanation though.

Friends/backyard neighbors gave us this awesome, super sweet window as a congratulations gift.

Levi has this new hobby where he takes off his diaper while he is supposed to be sleeping. I'm really hoping this phase is short-lived because I'm sure you can imagine all of the issues this presents. Anyway, one night he had once again taken it off and then put a long sleeve shirt on like they were pants and eventually fell asleep.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter in Peoria with my mom and Dave....

Below, is the smile Shep is very proud of and thinks is super handsome. Something is getting lost in translation.

Love the Easter outfits my mom put together for the boys.

Church Easter morning...

 Easter at Grandma Darlene's
 It was so cold this day and she came up with this awesome game for the boys in the garage. I need to remember that one.
  Levi looks rabid thanks to whatever white candy he has in his mouth.

Reagan equals best sport of Easter. I can't believe he still let's me dress him like that plus he also knows to not pick up the super easy eggs in egg hunts so his brothers can find those. I feel like I can see it in his eyes over the next three pictures how very over the day he was.

Then we headed to Debbie's for the Meiner side but somehow I took no pictures there. Debbie did sent me this one later on of Zach and Ryan's daddy day care.  

March round-up + quotes

Reagan had his 3rd grade wax museum at the beginning of the month. Each student chose an important person in history, read their biography then dressed as them and recited a speech in 3rd person. Reagan's first choice was unavailable. I have no idea why Rush Limbaugh wouldn't have a children's biography written on him. In Reagan's defense he only knows him as an author (oddly enough Rush writes a series of (honestly very good) historical non fiction novels that Reagan is obsessed with.) Anyway, second choice was Henry Ford. It was very very cute walking through the classroom and seeing all of the kids, I mean... Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth, Michelle Obama's, etc. hard work.


 My mom took me with her for the first part of a work trip she had to Dallas. It was such a fun girls trip with lots of eating and shopping. We even made a day trip to Waco to see the Magnolia shop.

Levi loves wearing a cape but he loves hanging out the window so the wind blows the cape even more.

We all filled out NCAA brackets this year, the winner is supposed to be picked up in a chair by the rest of the family. Unfortunately Shep based his whole bracket on Butler going all the way, solely because they have the word "butt" in their name. Anyway, he was very passionate about his bracket and as you know Butler did not fare well this year. I was lucky enough to capture his reaction when we told him they had lost (and thus his whole bracket basically voided.)

 Our friend Cooper spent the night over the kids' spring break. Reagan has sleepovers all the time but this was the first time that someone who Shep considers HIS friend stayed over. He was GIDDY and could not stay inside his sleeping bag. I would know because I slept next to him.

Other eventful news. Zach got a giant tick and he has literally been shivering off fuzz and phantom feelings ever since. But seriously it was so so so gross. (ps you're looking at the back of his knee)

Referring to the cartoon "Phinneas and Ferb," Shep asked to watch "Penis and Ferb."

Spelling the word G O L D E Y E S on Zach shirt one day, Levi apparently knows his alphabet. He hardly strings two words together but somehow knows all his letters. I promise this is not something I've gone over with him. He also makes and names shapes with his hands, something I've never taught him and the other boys never did. When he finds sharp things to pick our locks (true) and wakes up in the night to get himself snacks of yogurt and oatmeal without turning any lights on (true, true) I'm obviously annoyed/terrified but also semi-impressed.

Shep asks to marry me almost every day. He recently assigned Zach to.... ring bearer.

Shep negotiating, "my feet are bigger than Levi's so I don't have to take a nap." 

If Levi wants you to do something he just yells, "LEAVE."

Reagan, "who was the famous girl who didn't reach adulthood? Was it Julia Child?" It was Anne Frank.

Personal thoughts.
Americans shouldn't call mothers "mum"
Isn't it annoying when people call watches, "time pieces?"
Croissants are not good. I keep trying but can't get on board.

More about Reagan that I meant to add to his birthday post...

He is social and easily makes friends with all kinds of kids. Nine times out of ten he will put on the Journey station on pandora. When something is hard he gives up pretty easily. He is self aware about this so him and Zach's new acronym they say every day before school is A.C.E.- things you can control: attitude, concentration, effort. Every week after church he buys Shep and Levi a dum dum with the tickets he earns in Sunday school. He is passionate about cured meats. He's very, very adaptable. I credit that to the consistent moving we've done over the last 9 years. He also talks nonstop. I'm sure there will be a day I'll beg for this quality back but car, dinner table, recapping a movie in its' entirety you just watched together...he. is. chatty. He loves going to Starbucks with Zach, is turning into a really great reader and is looking forward to baseball season starting soon. He washes his face and wears deodorant every day. He asked Z last night when he can start shaving. Tiiiiiiiimmmmee out.