Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January photo round up

I was literally about to type my goal this year for the ol' blog is not perfection and then I remembered earlier in the month I did a random word generator time suck thing and my "word for the year" came up as IMPERFECT. So, nailed it. Month one, check. But really, I've been updating this little family journal for SO MANY YEARS now and I still really like it. If I forget what time a kid was born or how much they weighed at 9 months or what we did for a family vacation in 2011 I can literally pull it right up on my phone, anywhere. So I'm going to keep at it and go by that Voltaire quote, "perfect is the enemy of good."

Final pic of 2017! 2/3 of the Brendsel clan and 3/4 of the Williams'

Babies raising babies, amiright? 

 Shep went with my mom to a 9 PM ISU game. He was out by halftime. He still sleeps with the foam finger she got him.

On the 101st day of school they had "Dalmatian day." Shep brought in pics of him and Molly. 

"You're the worst in our family!" literally 3 hours earlier.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

December photo round up

Errythang but Christmas.

Took the kids to see The Star (very cute, nativity story told from the perspective of the animals) and Levi sat perfectly still, but in this position, the whole time. 

I chopped my hair! It feels so good. I usually chop it after each kid (didn't after Shep though because I was immediately pregnant with Levi) and donate it. I really love it. Despite what my RBF looks like below. That is the only pic I took of my hair from the front that day (I also didn't realize the FaceTime part would show up HA.)

Jenni organized the kids to ring bells for the Salvation Army. They were SUPER cute. Our shift was between the awesome Santa below.

Found the chik-fil-a sauce, licked it clean. That's my girl.

 First time walking on the property.

 Bowling with the Meiner's.

You don't chose the jogger life, the jogger life chooses you. 

I'm dying because I'm just now noticing that Levi wore these boots of Reagan's to the library. They go to his knees! How is he even walking? Levi and Makenna (born a month apart) are the perfect pair. Third born, and boss' of their families. They're both scrappy, smart, hilarious and together they will either save or destroy the world. 

Shep's Christmas party, Principle Peters read them Twas the Night Before Christmas. In your face public schools!

 Festival of Lights in Peoria and Bass Pro Shop after, because duh.

 Levi made these to encourage his potty training friend Elliott when he uses the bathroom at our house. Like any good friend would.

Levi made a mask/poor choice out of glue/slime.

 I love their room at Christmas.

Shep's friend Dave and him at Altitude, the trampoline park. If you are counting, my kids have two grandfathers named Dave and also a friend their age with that name. It makes for the most confusing and hilarious stories.

Reagan got a snowboard for Christmas and was hooked.