Monday, May 4, 2015

OREO photo-shoot by Emily

My cousin Emily came over and took pictures of Shep and Nora eating oreos and I am seriously fan-girling over our kids. She got the idea from here. I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites to post on here. It's just too bad those kids don't like cookies! Emily is so so very good, she's the best.




Well if we don't get around to sending out Christmas cards again this year, you'll know what to expect from Shepherd and Nors at least!

My view across the table.

If you need us the next four months, we'll be in the backyard.

P.S.  posts about actual things aren't as easy/quick to write. Zach's fire academy, Luba's baby shower, Levi's 18 mo appointment are all comfortably sitting in the "drafts" folder. Someday I'll get around to publishing them ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Waking up happy Easter morning!

The Saturday before Easter we hosted the Meiner side at our house. 

 Levi did not understand the egg hunt concept. He just wanted to play basketball with the guys. 

 Did I mention hosting the Meiner side means finding a place for 23 people to sit and eat inside your house? There was a table in every room on our first floor, I don't care though because it is always so so fun.

Emily got a good picture of our grandparents with their greats. You be the judge if any of these are good...
The face of a middle child and we don't own that sippy Levi's drinking so I'm assuming it is Nora's.
 Oh geez, at least I hope it's hers. 

 Reagan heart eyeing Nora.

Easter morning was perfectly low-key. Reagan was digging being in on the bunny scheme and acted very happy with his basket then would wink/side mouth "thanks dad." We met my dad and Zach's family at 11:30 church then headed over to Darlene's for a delicious lunch.

 "Parents: Easter Morning" by Reagan Williams

 He was climbing the stairs (on his hands and knees) at the playground earlier that week and I think he scraped his nose on one of the bolts. Reagan thought the scab was food stuck to his face and peeled part of it off. What a sad and weird story but I felt like documenting it.

Zach played smart and immediately changed into sweats when we got home so alas no pictures of him. To paint you a picture, he wore a red button down that he changed into after I told him I didn't like the first shirt he picked out. I'm going for transparency in this Easter post now.

I was looking for "frazzled mess of over-sugared children." Nailed it.