Thursday, January 22, 2015

LTW -15 months

Length: 31 inches
Weight: 23 lbs 10 oz

A recent milestone for this kid was him getting his first buzz cut from dad. We feel like his personality has just exploded post-cut, super ornery and mischievous now.

He is my first and only climber. I turn around and he is on top of the table. Or the desk. Or inside of a cabinet!

Words: mama, no, and woofs like a dog. The majority of his communication is grunting. I hear younger siblings tend to be less verbal because they have so many others to talk for them. If that is true than this could be the case with Levi. But don't you worry he is a natural at making gun and sword sounds (the soundtrack to our house thanks to three boys.)

Sleeping: He could take two naps a day but then they are both very short so I'm trying to get it down to just one afternoon nap. He practically begs to go to bed between 6:30-7pm. He's usually up by 6:30-7am. The stinker still wakes up at least once in the night because he's lost his paci. I just pop it back in and leave but it is still not my favorite trait of his.

Toys: His favorite toys are non-toys. Brooms, vacuums, toothbrushes, tupperware, tools, sharp dangerous objects, etc.

Weird stuff: he loves to explore dark places like unlit rooms and long, spooky hallways. He opens everything with his teeth.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve
We went to the Christmas eve service at church (which is childcare-less) and even though our feet were littered with raisins and paci's; we survived. It might be my favorite service of the whole year. It's mostly music with a short 10 minute sermon (and a little fake snow) but every year it becomes one of those moments where I wish I could freeze time and take an extra minute to look around at our family and friends... see how much they've grown and say an extra thank you for them. Afterwards Zach's side met at our house to celebrate Christmas.

I found these three amigos doing this (focus on Sof and Shep) while we waited for people to arrive. 

 Our house filled up quickly!

Baby Isaac (one week old) is missing and so is Luba's belly. I know Levi is holding a gun and looks deranged but it was the best we got.

Grandpa and Zach read to the boys before bed. Zach's book is blurry because he is a very theatrical story teller.

Christmas Day

This year, as a two and a half year old at Christmas, Shepherd was very into the first present he would open. Then was morally offended if we asked him to open another, repeating "No, THIS is my present! I no want that one. THIS is my present." So obviously he opened this toothbrush from his stocking and then wanted nothing else the rest of the morning.

Santa of 2015 copied my childhood Santa and attached yarn to one of the presents and made the kids trace the yarn throughout the house to find said present. It was the basketball hoop that OCD Santa made to match our "American Ninja Warrior" course in our basement.

Meiner Christmas

I only took one picture on my phone Christmas day and here she is. It is me trimming Zach's nails on our way to Pontiac and him being pissy about the job I was doing. I snip his skin once! Side note; I sent this picture to my friend that night while we were talking about our Christmas' and she sent me one back of her husband surprising her with a trip to DISNEY WORLD. #notnewlywedsanymore

I wish I would have taken more pictures at Grandma and Grandpa's but it was too crazy (crazy fun, as always.)

Whew! Done and done.

Monday, January 5, 2015


I really love that Christmastime is one word. It just feels right.

We have had a tour of Christmases this year. I wanted to document them all without having to split them up so this is a bit of a long post.

Williams Christmas - December 19th

So many new babies! Hillary and Nick had Trenton on Halloween. Elena and Irving brought Isaac who was only four days old. And Luba and Victor's is coming soon in June.

December 26th

December 27th

Shaffer's Christmas - December 28th

We were inside the farmhouse too but ponds and cows are too much for 7 grandsons to be kept caged inside for.

More Shaffer's! - January 1st

One grandchild missing and three more on their way (Melissa, Kayla and Luba's.) Grandma Darlene will have 11 great-grandchildren by the end of this year!

Shep was nailing it in these so I just need to post all four because all five of us being semi-normal will never happen again in this lifetime.