Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Days of School

3rd Grade - Mrs. Bedell - 8 years old

 Preschool - Mrs. Dittmar and Mrs. Carby - 3 years old

He woke up a preschooler!

It kind of went downhill from here. Parents stay the first day and he pretty much hugged my leg the whole time. Stay tuned for how day 2 goes on Thursday. He goes two mornings a week, same place Reagan went (even with one of the same teachers!)

Enough with the lake already!

I promise this is it. Now I'm done!

(sometimes when I watch this the video quality is really bad, I'm not sure why)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sylvan Lake - K I T C H E N S I N K

We recently got back from one of our favorite places on earth. We went with some of our favorite people on earth too. Zach was unable to go (someone has to stay and work to fund our extravagant lifestyle. ha.) and in that same vein, neither could my dad or brother. BUT! Twenty something other Meiners (or former Meiners) all went. I came home and kept making jokes to Zach that he did not think were funny and we teased that it was a sobering realization-- I wasn't with my people anymore. We had seriously the best best best time ever. The only way it could have gotten better was if we could have ALL been there. Taking your three kids on vacation without your spouse pretty much sounds like the opposite of a vacation but everyone helped me so much that I rarely felt stressed. And that's really saying something when you have an eight, three, and one year old near water, boats, hooks, basically everything dangerous and everything they find appealing.

I tried to divide the posts up. This one is basically everything not having to do with the water. Also I forgot my camera at home so these are all from my cellular device. 

 Lakeside school song performance, as you do.

 Levi is obsessed with Grace. Who is a freshman and his same size. Others concluded that Grace is me with blond hair, minus 13 years. And I am not complaining about that comparison because she is just the sweetest.

 Nora and Levi are five-ish months apart. 

 We slept in Bob and B's camper that week with Debbie and Evan. This was Reagan and Shepherd on the top bunk one night.

Gamers. Board gamers to be exact. 

Grandma and Grandpa's romantic anniversary text exchange.

Levi consumes roughly 60% of our bubble supply.

59 years!!

We surprised them for their anniversary with matching shirts.

Early risers. 

Consoling Shepherd who was in time-out.  

Bob and B 

Sunset photo credits to Ryan Sweitzer.

Next year all 5 of us better be there!