Thursday, August 14, 2008

MN pictures round 1

Here are some pictures from last week in Minnesota! 

These first few are of the boys tubing... Contrary to what the pictures imply, no one got hurt.

I can't really tell but I'm pretty sure that is William up on top of Drew.
That's Drew, Michael in the middle and William on the right.

Hot stuff William
Someone on top of Michael?
Drew underneath Red Thunder (as Rhys will now be referred to hence forth), and William. 
Drew, R. Thunder and my new brother Peter. Peter (unrelated friend who comes to the lake with the Meiner's) has an eery resemblance to Drew.
Thundy and Peter on the jet ski
The girls! Grace, Me and Elizabeth
Reagan and Me enjoying a boat ride
He loved to watch the boys being pulled behind the boat! 
Drew slaloming
Emily's perfect skiing form
Me being overly concerned about being outside the wake (all of the pictures of me skiing look like this. I DID go outside the left side, and only the left side, wake 3 times, so yeah... that concentration was needed)
Drew again
Grandpa and Reagan on one of the jet ski's. He really enjoyed it but took it so seriously so we could never get him to smile.
Playing in the water!

I know you were probably overwhelmed with pictures just now but... so what I have TONS more to come. Muwahahaha.

Also, Grandpa Shadoan's surgery went VERY well yesterday!! He goes under again tomorrow for his bypass, so thoughts be with him :)

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