Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drew's Birthday

We just got back from vacation this morning and I'm feeling a wee bit behind on posts. I guess I'll start from right before we left. We actually left on Drew's birthday so we celebrated the night before.

We went out to dinner at Destihl like I said before. It was really good, I hadn't been there before. We also celebrated the fact that Zach was a man that day and landed us a place to live! We'll move to Elgin this Saturday. I'm really bummed summer is coming to an end and I don't really want to talk about it. 
We dressed Reagan up for dinner, Uncle Drew was very jealous of his hat.

So that Drew had something to open the morning of his birthday, Zach and I woke him up Friday morning and told him we had his present waiting in the garage. And here it is... ta da! 

We added this beautiful basket (that we found around the house) to his bike. Can't you just picture him cycling around downtown, whistling and basking in the sun with this little diddy on his bike. 

Oh and then in order to take full advantage of his 18th birthday we gave him porn and cigarettes. And by that I mean, we wrote the words "porn" and "cigarettes" on two pieces of paper and put them in an envelope for him to open. 

Fancy old-women bicycle basket: $0
Porn: $0
Cigarettes: $0
Drew's reaction and our ingenuity: Priceless

Here are two more pictures from when we celebrated his birthday the night before. This one he is modeling his new shorts. (We said, "be a bear")

And some of his new cups and plates for Grandma and Grandpa Shadoan for his new apartment. 
Also Grandpa Shadoan, I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! He's going in for some surgery tomorrow but I know he'll do great. I talked to him tonight thinking he would be resting up in bed... no, he was playing cards with some friends! I love you, and we'll talk to you in a few days!!

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