Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flag Football 2014

Reagan has been playing flag-football this fall. He was number 12. Our friend Adam head coached and Zach assisted coached their sons. For basketball this dynamic duo is going to flip flop the coaching responsibilities. I've done a wonderfully bad job at taking pictures this season so I offer up to you a few from me and mostly a lot from Grandma Darlene and an Aunt Sofie.

How a huddle can...

 ...implode upon itself.

Are you wondering what the fan club does during the practices and games? It's eating. We just eat the whole time.

Those butt checks playing "center" belong to Reagan.

I do not remember this happening during the game so I DIED when Sofie sent me this picture. Reagan is the one hiking the ball. Edited to add: I keep scrolling past this and laughing out loud.

Reagan is a hard kid to describe. He is so unpredictable. Like he loves making people laugh and goofing off but gets horribly embarrassed when people sing Happy Birthday to him. He loves chocolate and milk but not chocolate milk. So with most things, including football and sports in general he has this constant battle within himself where he wants to goof off but also contribute to the team. 
So sometimes you get this kid.

And then sometimes this one.

This kid. 

Or this one. 

And honestly the goofy one usually wins out which is something Zach and I are learning to let go a little on. Help him to be the best version of who he was made to be... not necessarily what we assumed he would/should be. He improved a lot from the beginning of the season but just needs reminded more often then we would like what our goals for practice are and what we should be focusing on. He has a good heart and always makes sure everyone is included. The social aspect of being on a team is definitely his favorite part.

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