Saturday, November 15, 2014

All Hallow's Eve 2014

Reagan's school is right next to the retirement home that Grandma "Sugars" (Zach's great-grandma) lives in. It is tradition for the kids to walk through the home for their Halloween parade. We went over and sat with her to watch the parade. Then her and Levi made eyes at each other, Shep stuffed popcorn in his face, and I was happy.

 I asked Reagan to look like a construction worker and these were all his very specific poses. I'm concerned he doesn't understand what they actually do.

 Levi was the dino/dragon costume of Shep's last year. Shepherd was a squirrel (minus a set of lost ears) that Darlene made for childhood Zach! I loved it so so so SO much. Except when his tail kept knocking over canes at the retirement home. Looking back at the pictures I indadvertedly dressed as Jay Leno.

 That evening we went back to Normal Ave for a cookout with friends and to trick or treat. 

I taught Levi to roar that day and he and this cat had a very long roar/hiss standoff that was super entertaining. 

It was the best night of Shep's life. No exaggeration. He had the Trick-or-Treat/Thank you/Happy Halloween script down perfect. Then as he ran away he would yell "I got one, I got one!" and "I had fun!" I decided this year that our halloween candy expires one week to the day after Halloween and then I throw away anything that is left. Otherwise it looks us all in the eyes and tempts us to be whinny-er(kids)/fatter(adults).

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