Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rader's Family Farm 2014

On Wednesdays Rader's has half-priced admission so we've gone there after school a couple of times. One Wednesday after he got done with work we met Zach and a couple other families there for some fun. Z even felt a stirring in his soul to use his own two hands to take still photographs of moving people with my camera. Amen.

For a period of time we could not get Shepherd to let go of this CASH REGISTER. He took it from one of the play houses and honestly believed he would just carry it around the entire farm. He saw nothing wrong with it. If you can't tell by Reagan's hand gestures he was fed up with his younger brother's antics and was ready to move on to the next activity (which wasn't going to happen until Shep returned the CASH REGISTER.) I'm sure the other families we went with felt the same way. Age two is a blast people!

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