Monday, October 13, 2014

Levi turns O N E and we celebrate

This is a beast of a post. You have been forewarned!

The day of his actual birth was very low key, besides the extravagance that is going to the grocery store and attending your older brother's football practice. That night my mom brought over cupcakes and we sang to him. {push play below}


Like usual we just invited the grandparents over for a small celebration and friends of ours that we see basically every other day. We grilled out, ate cake, hit a piƱata (which I was above-averagly excited about) and opened presents. It was a great night.

No pictures of the five us but such is life! 

 By 6:30-7 pm every night, Levi literally hits a wall and is ready for bed. To say he closed down his party wouldn't really say much.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, FaceTime calls and generosity! He is a well-loved boy!

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bnlacombe said...

The fireplace looks AH-MAZ-ING (and I love your fence/table, too!!). Seriously we should reunite. My life is boring.