Sunday, June 9, 2013

One year run down

Here are his 12 month stats as of his one year appointment a couple weeks ago, some updates on this little man in general, as well as some one year shots of him that I took on our street.

weight 22 1/4 lbs
length 29 1/4 inches

p.s. this high chair was my Grandma Shadoan's from her childhood!

-He grins (I'm talking flat-out beams) just by looking at him. And is VERY ticklish!

-He happily naps twice a day and is itching for bed by 7pm. Good, hearty naps too. This means he's also wide awake by 6 am, so I'm playing around with nixing his morning nap.

-Eats everything. He's officially kicked the bottle and formula too, whole milk in a sippy cup is where it's at. I don't really do juice (for either of the kids really) but he's had it a few times and approves.

-He's added banana, ball, yeah, tree, hi, bye-bye, dog (plus 'woof woof') to his vocabulary. Shakes his head yes and no at the appropriate times. Signs "more."

-Loud! It's not that he's upset, he just babbles loudly and works very hard when he plays (think lots of grunts and puffing.)

-Utterly obsessed with the outdoors and animals. He just cannot get enough of exploring through the grass or watching squirrels play in the yard.

-I'm pretty strict about watching tv (poor Reagan will be 12 and still watching only educational shows and only on non-school days) so I haven't shown him anything yet really but one thing I know he likes is the Cedarmont Kids music dvds.

-Stands up unassisted and walks around the furniture like a pro. Semi-walks but crawling gets him there faster. I'm not one to encourage or discourage walking, as long as he can get to where he wants (i.e. crawling) then I'm happy... mostly because this makes him happy. Contentment = bliss.

This is where things start to get REAL fun! We like itty-bitty babies and all but we love this toddler stage and what's to come.... when they find new ways to communicate, their personalities start really coming through and they start testing those boundaries.

Later that day, Debbie cut his hair. 

My aunt does all the kids first cuts in our family. I can't explain why but certain life moments hit me differently. For instance I was cool with Reagan starting kindergarten, but him losing his first tooth? Forget it. Shep turning one, I was fine. But the thought of cutting his hair literally left me with anxiety pangs the entire day leading up to it. In the end Debbie did fantastic and he got his first sucker out of the deal.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! The highchair in the street will go nicely with the rocking chair in the field photos!!You're so creative! :) And I think you handled the "event" nicely! Either that or your laugh is really your cry!
I love the Williams family!
A. Debbie