Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A day in the life.

I wanted to do a post on an average day for us so I can look back and know what this stage in life looked like. This summer is different from school time (Reago home all day) and next school year will look very different from this last (hello third child.) So, I took a day last month and attempted to document what we did. Or I guess I should say didn't do? It's kind of mundane but definitely a season of life I want to document. Brace yourselves, it's riveting.

6:00 am I hear Shep wake up but I let him play for about 20 minutes until he starts fussing. I take him downstairs and get him some milk.

6:30 am We sit on the couch and he drinks and it's quiet. Reagan meanders on down the stairs. Reagan wallers next to me on the couch for a while until he's fully awake. The boys play and I start to make breakfast. We usually have a decent breakfast because for one, I like food. And two, I'll make a batch of something and then freeze it so even though we might be having waffles, eggs and sausage it takes me like 5 minutes to put together because I just have to make the eggs.

Love light filled mornings. We still hadn't lowered the chandelier from Easter or returned folding chairs to friends.
Doesn't take long for noise to fill the room.
7:30 am We're done eating. We go upstairs to make sure Zach is moving and so I can lay out Reagan's clothes. I also change myself and Shep into something presentable to take him to school. While he is changing/grooming himself for the day (this takes forevvvver because toys are much more appealing) I go make Z and Reagan's lunches.

8:15 am Zach has left for work and we are trying to get in the car to head to school. Knowing us, it was probably a library day and so after getting in the car I get back out and run in to find the blasted book. I also probably tell Reagan multiple times to empty his pockets because he's tried to smuggle a toy into school. Shep is most definitely screaming because he hates the carseat (in present day, this still hasn't changed.)

9:00 am We're back home and I lay Shep down for his morning nap, per his request. I need to go to the grocery store today so I look at the ads, clip coupons to my phone and make a semi meal plan with what's on sale. I also try to clean up the kitchen from the mess the morning activities made.

10:30 am Shep's up and we're snacking, most likely on nutrigrain bars. I grab my purse and throw on a hat because instead of doing something with myself with the extra time I had while he was napping I probably just read some blogs. We get to the grocery store (no sarcasm here, I love the grocery store-- picking out food is so exciting-- see above where I say I love food) someone compliments me on my pretty little girl who is wearing blue from head to toe, and we make it three quarters of the through the trip before I have to carry Shep on my hip and push the cart with the other hand. I also relish in the sweet and understanding looks from older women who have "been there" before.

12:00 pm We're back home and eating lunch. I sauté a bunch of different peppers for Shep and I eat some leftovers from last night. We play. We take a walk on our street.

1:30 pm Shep is ready for his afternoon nap. I change my clothes to go outside and weed. I listen to a podcast of a sermon that Zach has already texted me twice that day telling me to listen to. I hate weeding. So much that I need Zach's positive affirmation from me doing the task so I take a picture of my victory pile and send it to him.

3:00 pm I had taken the monitor outside with me and I can hear Shep starting to stir. I go and get him and we swing on the porch swing and eat a handful of berries. After he's good and awake, I sit him on the porch with some toys and I sweep it and our stairs (a never ending task because our huge trees are such givers.)

4:00 pm Bus comes and Reagan gets home from school. I talk to the moms, Shep probably eats some grass. The boys run amuck, riding bikes and scooters up and down the sidewalk. We head in around 4:30 so I can start dinner.

5:15 pm We eat dinner quickly because it's a baseball night. Usually we hold off until Zach is home from work because we really like sitting down to eat together but he's called and got tied up at the office and needs me to meet him at practice with his practice clothes. We eat a garlic chicken and pasta dish that is always quick to throw together.

6:00 pm Head to practice at our church out at Eastview, I stay for about half an hour until Shep is fussing for bed. Roll the windows down and yell banana/Reagan (two of his favorites things) while clapping loudly all the way home so he won't fall asleep before we get there.

7:00 pm He's in bed, no complaints, by 7 pm. I heat up the dinner that I half ate and check my phone until Zach and Reagan get back. Zach decides Reagan needs his hair buzzed and needs it now. So they get to it in the back yard while I clean up the kitchen from dinner.

8:00 pm Reagan has hopped out of the shower, is into his pajamas and in bed. I read him his devotional and tell him goodnight while Zach heats up his dinner. Then we sit down, pull up Hulu and catch up on The Office and Parks and Rec. Zach has some ice cream and I have some oreos and milk. In bed by 10 pm!

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bnlacombe said...

Had to laugh about your "pretty little girl." Haha. I get the he's beautiful. Even though she's wearing pink and in a pink car seat. I even got that at the hospital when she was born!