Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Levi - 2.5 year stats

Height - 35.5 inches
Weight - 31 lbs 4 oz

True story that just happened today.

While over playing outside at friends' this morning, Levi managed to lock us all out of their house. With him inside. After we coaxed him out (twice) and removed a door (2 moms + almost 9 kids) we gained entry. Then shortly after he had to literally be hosed down in their front yard (I won't elaborate on the whys because my stomach is too weak.)


He loves yogurt + fruit + granola.
Buckles himself into his carseat.
Never, ever follows the rules. Like, ever.
Takes a solid 2-3 hour nap.
Is full on talking now, PTL.
I think if I let him he'd move out and run his own life.
HAS to sing Jesus Loves Me before bed.
All about bugs.
Puzzle master.
Calls Reagan, Reagy.
More of a fighter than a lover but when you can get him to love, it's REAL good.

Shep 2.5 year 
Reagan 2.5 year

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