Friday, December 12, 2014

SCW - 2.5 years

He only calls Levi 'bud' or 'buddy'.

He talks nonstop and says/retains e v e r y t h i n g. Counts to 12, knows his abcs, colors, and shapes.

Snow boots are optional but encouraged.
Fully potty trained. whatwhat. We honestly started out of necessity because he had some serious anxiety when it came time to go #2. Seeing the amount of control and stubbornness he has over his bowels makes me really excited to see what he's going to be like as a teenager. (basically he would just hold it for over a week at a time. while being given miralax everyday. too much information?) Anyway, potty training was my solution for this and it actually worked. I want to throw myself a party of only breakfast meats for fixing this problem.

He walked through the entire grocery store this day with a package of stolen rollos behind his back.
Finding and obtaining food is his life's passion. Tuesday morning he woke up asking for a hot dog from Sam's and was so dedicated to his goal that he would bring me my shoes, keys, etc. throughout the morning until I caved. 

Maybe his second passion is with "Papa's truck." If he sees a play/pretend phone he usually calls Chris, Zach's dad, and checks up on the red truck. 

His blanket is his best friend. When we return from errands or seeing friends he runs straight to his blanket and "fills him in" on everything we did while we were gone. "Blankie" also has been potty trained over the last month and Shep is very encouraging, usually saying "I so proud of you" to blankie.

He likes to color. Reagan never did and still doesn't so this makes me, who loves anything crafty, feel like fraulein maria running through the hills with outstretched arms. He will sit for what feels like an eternity (in reality it's about 10 minutes.)

Loves "dip." Like any sauce that can be used for dipping he is all over. Bananas have been dipped in ranch. Basically anything in ketchup. And yesterday I walked into a situation where he was just drinking barbecue sauce.

Important facts
weight 30.5 lbs
height 35.5 inches
54 times a day I pinch his butt


Anonymous said...

Love this! Just proves I need to spend more time enjoying everything about my greats!!! I'm always available for babysitting! :)
Love, A.Debbie

The Franzens said...

Haha I love to read about Shep because he is SO MUCH like Wren! Wren does ALL of these things. We need another playdate soon!