Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Home Videos

We've started a tradition over here where we watch our home videos from the last year on New Years Day. It's good because it gives me a deadline to have the videos compiled by and also gives us an excuse to clear out our phone/computer storage (which is embarrassingly full of kid-centric footage.) To shed light on how valuable keeping these mundane memories are to me after I burn them onto a disc (one for us and each child,) I place them in our fireproof safe. Then I upload them to youTube in the event something tragic happens to our safe. Then I transfer the files to my external storage drive. P to the A to the thetic.

Don't feel like you need to clear your schedule to watch these, they are mostly day-to-day weird stuff my kids do that I think is funny/cute and it is all probably super boring to anyone but Z and I!

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