Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Turkey Day 2014

On Thanksgiving morning we woke up to a decent amount of snowfall, then we got ready for what would be a super fun and also, super long, day! First stop was the Meiner's side at my Aunt Debbie's. Nora was tickling Levi's feet and it was SO cute. 

Next we hurried over to Grace Church for dessert to see Zach's family.  

Then off to my mom's for the rest of the night where we ate, drank, and played games until late into the night. The kids earned their keep and slept in real nice the next morning (thumbs up.)

While playing 'Telestrations' a competitor whom we love dearly ;) drew this for her t-rex and I still want to snort laugh every time I see her mistaken breasted brontosaurus.

A picture from two different angles. 

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