Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April round-up

I CANNOT believe it's May already! And I can not remember if cannot is two words or one. 

 Levi watching Nora open her presents and ignoring boundaries with Rhys.

 This needed documenting because I felt like it summed Shep up so well. He wore this baseball glove the entire walk to Reagan's school, sprinting and karate chopping the whole way. Then on the way home he picked me flowers {dandelions} and used the glove to carry them all.

A couple weeks ago Levi had this really random thing happen with his eye (it was pre septal cellulitis-- all praises go to Sam for helping us out with this one.) We spent most of a day at the optometrist with him for it. Thankfully he could have cared less/never even realized he was down one eye (???) ... it just looks crazy painful. The antibiotics worked like magic and it was back to normal, literally overnight.

Shep was loving this salad I made him, especially the "leaves" (no sarcasm.)

I got to go to Hearts at Home this year (mom conference) with my friend Ashley and we checked in a few times with our friend Beth who works for them. It was a long day that left you feeling both exhausted and energized. Overall very encouraging, I'm really glad I was able to go. Shout out to Zach who put together 2 ikea dressers, hung curtains in 4 bedrooms, rearranged/consolidated the boys' bedrooms, and fed/cared for 3 kids while I was gone the whole day. I'm wearing a coat because it was at the Peoria Civic Center so we are literally sitting atop ice, my pose doesn't have an explanation though.

Friends/backyard neighbors gave us this awesome, super sweet window as a congratulations gift.

Levi has this new hobby where he takes off his diaper while he is supposed to be sleeping. I'm really hoping this phase is short-lived because I'm sure you can imagine all of the issues this presents. Anyway, one night he had once again taken it off and then put a long sleeve shirt on like they were pants and eventually fell asleep.

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