Friday, April 8, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter in Peoria with my mom and Dave....

Below, is the smile Shep is very proud of and thinks is super handsome. Something is getting lost in translation.

Love the Easter outfits my mom put together for the boys.

Church Easter morning...

 Easter at Grandma Darlene's
 It was so cold this day and she came up with this awesome game for the boys in the garage. I need to remember that one.
  Levi looks rabid thanks to whatever white candy he has in his mouth.

Reagan equals best sport of Easter. I can't believe he still let's me dress him like that plus he also knows to not pick up the super easy eggs in egg hunts so his brothers can find those. I feel like I can see it in his eyes over the next three pictures how very over the day he was.

Then we headed to Debbie's for the Meiner side but somehow I took no pictures there. Debbie did sent me this one later on of Zach and Ryan's daddy day care.  

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