Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Home Movies

Our 2015 Williams Family Review!!!

Highlights, in no particular order:
Zach became a firefighter
We took a short parents-only trip
Sylvan Lake trip
Shep started preschool
Mom's wedding + seeing lots of Shadoans
We volunteered more, then pulled back a little after re-evaluating (working on being discerning)
Did a ton of house projects (new floors, stained cabinets, laundry room, new trim, new paint)
and many more that I'm sure I'll think of later

My penchant for over-documentation has spawned an annual tradition of gathering all of our home movies at the end of the year. I transfer, upload, and burn all the files off of our phones (then delete the videos to recoup that depleted storage space.) I'm really crossing my fingers for an Independent Spirit award in cinematography this year ;) They're nothing fancy but I don't care, it feels good to have them all in one place and to be able to hand them off to the kids once they're old with families of their own. (if this makes me sound organized than I'd invite you to look inside my car = opposite. aka the land of unwed socks. there is a box of chicken nuggets in there that I think Zach and I are playing an unspoken game of chicken as to who throws it away first.)

2014 Videos
2013 Videos
2012 Videos

I know these are pretty uneventful to most everyone but myself so if you choose to watch them just keep those expectations low (life motto.) Zach worked today so we watched them as a family last night for New Years Eve. It's one of my favorite traditions.

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