Thursday, January 24, 2013

2012 review! (home movies)

One thing we are admittedly not good at is taking video. Reagan's 5th birthday? no. Christmas? not a chance. Shepherd's birth? Didn't even bring the video camera to the hospital.

But. Thirty seconds of Reagan eating a sour crybaby candy? You betcha!

I put together our video footage from 2012 to burn onto a dvd to free up some storage space on our computer. Here are links to part uno and part dos (they are about 13 minutes each.) Some parts of the videos didn't transfer for some reason so if a part turns black just bare with us, a new section will start up.

Alright and here are my disclaimers. It obviously goes without saying to ignore my voice when talking to Shepherd in any/all clips. We get a cheap thrill out of scaring Reagan... a lot. I have a huge pet peeve that involves Zach not sitting centered on a couch cushion, it drives me nuts when people sit between two and push them apart (I am well aware this is crazy on my part.) So the part where Zach is playing with "Captain America" and is an evil villain, his crime was sitting in between the cushions.


Sam said...

Zach dancing to Michael Jackson.
Reagan's worry about school.
Love. It. All.

Miss u!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! A. Debbie7