Monday, January 14, 2013

Disney World: part FOUR

We took Wednesday as our "off" day. We opened the rest of the presents (Reagan's favorite being a remote control helicopter) and went to the pool at the campground. 

That night we ditched our kids and went to Downtown Disney for a date night. We had dinner, saw a movie and walked around for a bit. It's awesome to travel with babysitters =)


Half of Thursday morning I had my camera set super weird and none of my pictures really turned out (patting myself on the back.) Anyway, we went to Magic Kingdom early again for magic hours (where they open the park early for the people staying on Disney grounds) and then Epcot that evening. Shep came with us that morning and then my Grandma and Grandpa kept him that night.

We stayed there until 11pm to watch the fireworks, which made for a very long day. 

The next morning (Friday) was our last park day. Reagan spent the night at the campground so that we could let him sleep as long as possible before hitting up magic hours at Epcot but even then he was acting pretty sluggish. After a while I felt him and he definitely had a fever. We pushed him SO hard that week and of course he never complained but when I told him I thought we should go back for the afternoon, get some tylenol and take a nap he actually agreed! I knew that meant he wasn't feeling good. Zach, Drew and my Grandpa had a tee time set up already so they left at the same time and went to play a round of golf.

After a good rest, Reagan was back to his old self. We all met up at Hollywood Studios that night and hit up the Star Wars ride one last time. 

Zach and Chris waiting for Fantasmic to get rained out (just on the topic of the trip in general... poor Chris, I'm sure he is still nursing a Disney-induced stress ulcer. He navigated and organized everything better than anyone ever could!)

Our weather was pretty good the whole week, 60s/70s for the most part. But that last night at the parks ended with a massive rain. I took Reagan back to the condo where Grandma and Grandpa greeted us with warm towels and the rest of the "gang" stayed to take advantage of rain-shortened lines.

By Saturday, the last day of our trip, I realized neither of my kids had taken a bath yet. This is my blog so I can make gross confessions like that. The next logical step was to give Shepherd a bath in the kitchen sink for all to gather round and coo at his dimply butt and doughy rolls.

Sunday we headed home. Zach sensed my sleep-deprived anxiety and bought us a hotel room that night so we could spread out and not worry about the boys waking our co-travelers up. The motorhome pulled up to our snow covered house around 11pm Monday night, New Years Eve. We, Zach and Chris, unloaded everything like lightening, carried the boys in and went straight to bed. We came home feeling very filled.

Disney World was awesome / overcrowded / exhausting / memorable!

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