Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas at Disney: part THREE

 Because the day before was such a long day we took our time getting to the parks on Christmas day. We had sort of prepped Reagan that Santa was more likely to go to the campground than the condo (logistically it just made sense due to one of his presents) but we still gave Grandma and Grandpa a call to check and see if Santa made his visit there. They "checked" and sure enough the goods were there. So we got ready and headed over.

But of course not without some airplane rides first.

 Checking out the stockings!

 Zach's morning was made when he (swears) he met "The Beast" from The Sand Lot.

We decided to do Animal Kingdom that day because we figured Magic Kingdom would be insane. It was a smart choice because apparently it closed due to capacity that day. The Expedition Everest roller coaster was here and was Reagan's favorite (he went 3 times!) We also made the poor choice of going on Kali River Rapids and got soaked, since we were already wet we went a few more times after that.

That evening we went back to the condo, opened a few presents and hit the hay.

Perplexus, an addiction for all ages. No I don't play it while Reagan is at school.

Zach opened his "big" present which was golf clubs. He acted like he was surprised but later I found a golf glove packed in one of his suit cases so he must have been onto us (the fact that I always pack for him so he had to deliberately grab the glove and add it, makes it even better.)

FOURTH and final recap coming soon.  

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