Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bath Brothers + Quotes

Shep, "mom! A flow snake! A FLOW SNAKE!"
he meant snow flake.

I gave the boys their food. Reagan said thank you, then he said Shep do you have anything to say? Shep said, "ummm.... thanks for being my friend mom."

Reagan telling Shepherd about funerals. "Yep, take a good look. It'll be a while before you see them again."

Three fun facts about Zach.
He uses baby wipes as a universal cleaning agent.
He loves to eat off disposable plates and for certain holidays like Father's Day, I serve food on plasticware to surprise him.
He stays in his parked car for way longer than the average person after arriving at a destination. Sometimes it's to finish a song, sometimes it's to text someone back, but usually its just because he likes to sit there. I can feeling my bp rising just thinking about this.
And a bonus fourth fact. He dabs chapstick on. He doesn't smooth it back and forth, he taps it a couple times on each lip. 

When reagan kept referring to the blood moon as the "mooner eclipse."

Shep, "You're a little guy."
Grandpa Shadoan, "I'm bigger than you!"
Shep, "HA nice try!"

Zach's thoughts on rompers, "it's hard to wear that and not look like a baby."

Watching Pitch Perfect 2. Zach, "you should wear your hair like that."

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