Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday is Monday and according to Reagan she will be age 4 and a half, "like the kids in the big kid room!" She came up here to spend the weekend and we filled it with lots of eating and shopping, two talents we naturally possess. Zach had to work pretty much the entire weekend, but Saturday morning he had free so he watched Reagan while us girls went out and about.

Being regal (left) :: Sushi snacking in the car, maybe contradictory? Also if it looks like she is super strapped into the car it's because my mom is sporting her "seatbelt" purse which she has been known to confuse with her own car seatbelt. (right)

Maybe we should start having Reagan stand for pictures with my mom because they are literally the same size now (see picture on the right please.)

Zach was working, but I wanted a picture so naturally we handed the camera to our 3 year old.

The mastermind managed to capture this beauty of us:

Links to previous birthday posts about her here and here.

A couple weekends ago was ISU's homecoming and Sheila had a Corphyee mini-reunion with some of her dance team girls! I told her I'd post some on here so Grandma Shadoan could see them =)

They all even brought their jackets! lol freshly dry-cleaned

cute, huh?!

Hope you have an AWESOME birthday Mom/Grandma!!!!

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