Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25th, 1963

Today is my mother's birthday!!

I always remember thinking that my mom was crazy over-protective whenever she would not only peak in on my brother and I while we were sleeping, but also thoroughly make sure we were still breathing as well. I can now openly admit I faithfully use the "finger under the nose" trick, at least twice a night on Reagan.
She was also that mom that made us wear every single piece of protective gear whenever we did anything on wheels. All the way down to wrist guards. I'm pretty sure she took this picture before I had a chance to strap on my Barbie knee pads.

If we are driving together somewhere and we need to put on the brakes quickly, she will always reach her arm across your body; as if her 5' 1" body is a stronger shield than both my seat belt and my airbag combined. It is also on record of her doing this when she is the passenger and you are the driver.
Her brain never stops ticking, ever. I get emails, texts, and voicemails from her at all hours of the day- usually about something she has found in some type of media that she thinks I might be interested in. Waiting for me when we come home to visit is always a stack of newspaper articles she's cut out, coupons she's clipped, or random trinkets that she has found... all things that she has found some relation to us. Not to mention that she also usually sends us back up here with a cooler full of groceries... YEAH she's awesome.

Happy Birthday Mom, hope you have a good one!!!!!!!!

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Sam said...

Can't wait to see this awesome lady!