Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween School Parade

Halloween 2009
Larry Bird

Reagan had his Halloween parade at school a couple days ago. They all walk around the school and teachers stand outside the doors and hand out candy to them. It was the best time! Reagan did so well walking in line, holding his bag open and waiting his turn to get candy.... that's hard for a 2 year old! =) I was so proud of him, plus after 15 princesses and 10 batmans walked by, everyone DIED when Larry Bird came up to them. He just had a blast and it was so much fun watching him!
I wish you could see his face in this picture because he was smiling ear to ear, SO excited!!
"Give the camera some love baby"
Our soul intention for this costume was so that we could have him wear a sweatband with his crazy hair, he wouldn't wear the sweatband until the very end but it totally makes the outfit don't you think?!
And I'll state this on record. I will now do all costumes semi-homemade because from-scratch, by an amateur, is way too time consuming!! Plus the construction is definitely shotty... the crotch has been ripped and re-sewn once and the top was to tight to pull on over his head so I had to cut open the arm last minute to just get him in it. LOL... he wore it well =)

Reagan needed some extra lovin' yesterday, just wanted to be hugged on a little bit more-- mmmm! I wonder who benefits the most from that? He's becoming his own person so much now. My mother-in-law Kristi can 100% relate to every issue we go through with Reagan because he is pretty much a spitting image of Zach as a child. If I tell her an exasperating story, her and Chris can usually counter with another one from the past and at least help us laugh it off. She made a good point the other day, she said that his strong-willed nature is frustrating now, but when he's older we'll appreciate that he won't be the type to "follow the crowd" and he'll be confident in the things he stands for. The challenge now is to just teach him all the right things to stand for!

Favorite thing ever-
During Zach and Reagan's alone time routine before bedtime when they call me in to discipher the song Reagan is asking Zach to sing, I run through it for Zach, then they shoo me off so they can sing and read alone.


Nancy Face said...

I'm loving that he's Larry Bird...that's AWESOME!

kristi said...

I love that Larry Bird jersey and would love to make one for my little one this year. Any advice or "how to's" you could share would be really appreciated!