Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today, October 25th, 2008, is my mom's 45th birthday!! Let's pretend the picture below is from another one of her birthdays. She's the one in the front row holding a vase with some cacti in front of her... She's always told me that was her favorite hair cut on her (wink, wink).

She would be the one in green below, performing in a contest at work on Halloween. She was one of the 3 chipmonk's, the pregnant one too. Halloween is Oct. 31st right? I was due November 2nd! 

And one of my birthday posts wouldn't be the same unless I asked her some questions!

What is one thing that you are glad you did with your kids when they were little?
Hugged and kissed them a lot so hopefully they always knew how much they were loved. (so true)

What was your most memorable vacation?
It's a tie: Surprise cruise of the Eastern Caribbean with hubby, and taking the kids to Disney World for the first time with both sets of grandparents.

What is your favorite color... on your husband? Okay, and yours just in general?
Not sure what's called -- Dark Sage/Olive Green            and me -- Chocolate Brown
What were you doing 10 years ago?
Running my kids to multiple activities!

20 years ago? 
Living in NC, working as a field underwriter for State Farm and trying to keep up with a very active 1 year old Ashley Christine

30 years ago? 
Dang, testing my memory. I was 15 and in high school, I was on the debate team and pom squad. Also had my first "real" job at the "KarmelKorne Shoppe" in the mall- wearing this nifty form-fitting zip-up white smock with red collor and "Karmelkorne" printed all over it. On slow night, we'd eat caramelcorn and cheesecorn straight out of the display bins when no customers were around. Oh, and I finally got contacts... and then braces.  

Name 3 places in the world you've been (preferably your favorites)
a. Hilton head, SC
b. Sylvan Lake, MN
c. Lausanne, Switzerland

Favorite movie- 
The Great Outdoors

Who do you like better, Max or Mitzie? 
Just like I don't have a favorite child, I love them equally.

Can you do the splits? 
I just tried (hahahahahahaha), and sadly no, not anymore. Close but not quite. (she really could up until like a year ago, I know you all wanted to know that.)

Pretend you are retired now, and you want to get a job just for fun. Where would you work? 
Nothing that required I be anywhere before noon. Low-budget designer/decorator or a group travel tour guide or a personal shopper.

Now, a few things that are great about her...

This goes without saying but she is an AMAZING wife, mother and grandmother. These last few years have been tough but she has always been a ROCK. (I know this picture is sideways, but it's so cute!)

She is still adement on doing stocking for everyone
 at Christmas... no matter how old we get. 

And here is Easter. Those two people on the left aren't even family members!

She is unbelievably crafty! Scrapbooking, card making, stamping... she enjoys it all. It's her "creative outlet." 

She is NOT a morning person and doesn't even deny it. When she's ready for her coffee in the morning she'll text my dad to bring it up to her!

She gets nice and brown in the summer, also thanks to my grandmother. A gene I apprecitate.

She was a definite "soccer mom." She ran us to every activity we could even possibly want to do. Being a competition mom for my dancing was NOT easy! She would take me away for weekends or even whole weeks if it was for Nationals, never complaining. She could tell how much I enjoyed it and I think she thought it was fun too. She even got into a dance class here and there! ("tap moms," Bromenn Follies...)

We would never fight about what to watch on tv because we like all the same shows. I still get texts in the middle of shows asking if I approve of who they've kicked off or an idea she saw that she liked. And she secretly likes all those cheesy teen movies, ones like "Clueless" and "She's All That", because when those come on tv how can you not watch them?

This year both of her kids left town, making them official empty-nesters. But, they are handling it very well I think!

An ultimate grandma! Always ready to stuff him with sugar and shower him with presents ;) Here they are running through the sprinkler...

We love you MOM!!! Happy birthday!!
I've got to go because as I've been typing this your grandson has been pushing my camera cord down the toilet.

Today we're going down to visit, I think we're going to take Reagan halloween at the zoo. I'll take pics and you'll get to see his costume which I have slaved day and night over :)

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