Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday and Saturday

Zach had practice Saturday morning, so we waited until after that to go back home. Friday night our landlords, Ernie and Anna, invited us over for dinner (they live next door). 

Anna is a serious cook. For one, she fixed us appetizers. And not like veggies and store bought dip, authentic Greek spinach, cheese roll up thingys. Everything was homemade; Italian meatballs and
 mostacoli, amazing bread, salad dressing, pickled vegetables from their garden, rice pudding, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie... the list could go on and on. She told me that she starts cooking now and freezing things for her Thanksgiving dinner. So, we made a deal that she's going to have me over to simply watch her cook. Watch and learn. They are so nice, we really are lucky to live here.

After we walked home and got in the door, it was absolutely necessary to unbutton the top buttons of our jeans like satisfied, beer-bellied, old men.

Then Saturday we went to the BN and celebrated my mom's birthday. Upon her request, and to many groans and complaints, we went to The Thai House for some yummy Thai food. Zach's parents, Chris and Kristi and his sister Sofie, joined us too!

In the end, I think we were successful at culturing the boys a little and they did in fact enjoy the cuisine. Then we went back to the house and opened presents. Sexy navy shoes that Dad picked out all on his own (and I'm really jealous of but excited because I told him to get them in a size I can still wear!) and some fixtures for when they redecorate their bedroom.
We finished up the night by watching HAIRSPRAY!! Positive all three boys were asleep by the end of it. I give it an 'A' though, such a cute and fun movie. Loved the dancing too!

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