Monday, October 27, 2008

Weiner Roast

The annual Weiner Roast was Sunday! That morning, Zach had the Ryan Knox Classic. An annual golf tournament for the Heartland baseball alumni, ironic since it's a junior college who's baseball team only started last year so all of the alumni are... still in college. Zach got to see a lot of his friends who are now scattered everywhere, he was really happy to get to catch up with them. Anyway here are some pictures from the cookout...

Cousin pic (minus 5). Wasn't the same with out Gma, Gpa and the rest of the Meiner family who couldn't make it! 
Some game involving throwing a football over a barn or sillo is always made up. If I remember last year's correctly, the game was to throw a football on top of a sillo, then the next person in line had to climb up the ladder to get it and on the way down everyone threw rocks at them. Totally safe.

Michael and I representing our most favorite concert EVER. On the left we are holding the ticket she signed for us!!!!! (total lie, both of us ended up with these shirts after grandma and grandpa came back from their veterinary conference in Las Vegas. And some how we keep wearing them at the same time) 
Reagan was in heaven next to all the tractors and also kept busy by rearranging/chucking corn everywhere. 


emry said...

1st off I SO wish we could have been there.

2nd, I agree with you and last years football game was extremely safe...

and 3rd you and michael are big dorks!!!!! ahhahahahah :)

love you

Nancy Face said...

What a fun post! The crazy silo game cracked me up! :)

Thanks for visiting my silly blog!

Lauren said...

You totally have the cutest blog of my life. So fun!