Monday, February 15, 2010

Things we've been up to; to why I haven't updated in a while and you've been forced to keep looking at Drew's-lame-half-birthday-face

*be dominated by the stomach flu-- CHECK!

During Reagan's birthday/Super Bowl, a few played a non-birthday related game where a baseball was (purposefully) thrown at Zach's lap by his #1 BFF Tony. The throw was "successful" and caused a lot of vomiting on Zach's part.
We thought that was the end of it, so I went to bed to let Tony deal with the consequences (i.e. Zach's barfing). Shortly after I fell asleep I awoke to them shouting my name, when I came out to see what arose such a clatter, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a newly three year old boy, vomit spewed and smeared all over himself and #1 friend Tony. Tony had heard Reagan wake up and went into his room to put him back to sleep. Reagan gifted him with a world of upchuck. If you remember THIS, then you know R has a special talent of choosing good times to get sick. Turns out the baseball throwing incident only jump-started the inevitable reign the stomach flu had over our house the whole beginning of last week. Zach and Reagan caved first and then the next day, within an hour, I was down and out as well. That night Tony was a trooper, he kept his cool while helping me out with the large boy (Z) and the small boy (R), running to get gatorade/pedialyte and consoling a very smelly, puke saturated, Reagan. Poor guy though, really best form of birth control for a single 22 year old guy.

*complete Reagan's homework- check!

WHAT?!?! Yes, I said homework. It's mostly coloring and pasting things but he has a special folder that we bring to and from school now. I actually think it's really fun because he really, really LOVES being able to say he has homework and he willingly sits and colors with me! Major score on my part!
this is his cubby box for his days at school (where I keep extra clothes and such for him), of course I had to decorate it. So here mom, this is what it looks like:

*challenge Reid and Sam at Dave & Busters for our pre-Valentine's day double date because every married couple knows its actually more fun to do your Valentine's day date with other people. -- CHECK!

We got mentally prepped for the night by dressing the part which was fun at first then old halfway through the night because our dinner dates were dressed super cute and I had on shorts with leggings plus my junior high P.E. shirt. BUT our attire did bait us the victory which is all that really matters.
(Zach being the master photographer he is, took one picture the whole night and it only has me plus this brick wall. Sam would have been to my left, succumbing to my ski ball supremacy. God love him.)

We had stinkin' awesome babysitters while we were out (Erin & Andy + Jason + Nick) and when we got back we celebrated Andy's upcoming 21st, which was the next day, with ice cream sundays for all...
(this pose is funny)

and with our D&B tickets we bought him a very special set of branded shot glasses. How thoughtful of us, right?

*hem 30 pairs of baseball pants-- CHECK!

(plus 16 more that Grandma Darlene gracefully whipped out, BIG shout out to her! Such a blessing!)

ironically I didn't even pose for that one

Reader: "Ashley, your head looks abnormally small. Do the scraps from the pant legs fit over your head?"
Why don't you see for yourself.
(I may or may not have kept some to use as headbands)

Now throw in tests, our own homework, and keeping our son alive as other priorities and proof as to why it's taken me a while to update!

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Sheila said...

Glad you all are feeling better, and that the pants are D-O-N-E! Love his cubby box - very creative! Hope Reagan has some homework next weekend that I can help with! :0)