Monday, February 15, 2010

RAW - 3 years old

Guess who's thrEE!!

Try not to be too distraught, but all of my personal cake decorating classes are occupied to capacity! I like how the 'd' looks like it's been injected with HJH.

Guess what is in that red bag? See video below to find out.

The question is, why wouldn't Locy and I take a portrait picture together. Awkward if this was my facebook profile picture? It's ok to say yes.
He's been asking for a bat foreverrr and was SO excited. If you ever see the rest of the pictures I took, than you would notice everyone in the background in a protective stance with their hands in front of their faces/bodies.

Along with the bat came these super adorable batting gloves... did you even know they made them that small?!?!

His big present was this John Deer Gator that Zach completely dedicated himself to... I mean worked until all hours of the night, slaving away (you can see the yellow and black "shocks" in the picture bellow... they were only yellow, my husband seriously took a black sharpee to them to make the plastic, completely superficial, shocks look more "realistic". Classic Zach.)

We took Reagan down to the basement and concocted this elaborate reveal... that completely backfired in our faces. Poor Zach. All he wanted to see was Reagan jump on in and just take off, but Reagan had zero interest and only wanted to show off his new tricycle pedaling skillz. Of course, if you know our child this totally makes sense because he revolts against doing anything anyone pressures him into. Smart parents we are to encourage him to be the fat kid riding his electric car when he just wants to pedal and exercise his little heart out.

We watched the Super Bowl afterwards and just had a nice, low-key, bittersweet day. I was sad having him turn THREE (really sad actually, because 'three' is definitely not a baby and 'three' is also on the outer edge of being a toddler).... but also excited for him to grow up and experience/learn new things. Zach and I are really happy that we get to be his parents. Thank you to everyone for all of your awesome birthday wishes, they were so very much appreciated!!!


MeL said...

Maybe I died and went to a humorous heaven when I read the fat kid vs. him pedaling his heart out comment. Seriously, died. I'm glad that the flu didn't kill you or your quick wit.

kear said...

That erin girl that is in this blog for that kids 21st birthday was in one of my classes last year!! haha small world!!