Thursday, January 29, 2009


I got into the RADIOGRAPHY program!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-frickin-hoo! Man I don't know if I have ever worked my butt off so hard for something. It has all paid off! 
Technically I accidentally found out Monday, two days before everyone else got their letter. I wanted to wait to announce it until I had tangible evidence. I realized that my ACT score hadn't been included in one of my transcripts and pretty much had a breakdown right in the middle of my A&P class. I ran to the program directors office after class all in a huffy. She said they had already mailed out the 16 acceptance letters (they only take 16 per year!!) but she would add what I got on my ACT score and see if it would have changed my spot at all... right then and there I accepted my fate of not getting in and realized I would need to figure out what the heck else I'd should to do with my life. 

"It didn't really change much, you're still 10th," she said.


Then she began to fear that I was going to hug her to death and drown her in my tears of joy. Woo! best. day. ever. (besides getting married, and besides Reagan being born)  

Coach Benjamin and Casey were awesome and took us out to dinner at Chili's to celebrate Tuesday night. We were so excited to get together and commemorate my monumental achievement. We all enjoyed chowing down on the chips and salsa, including Reagan. Reagan might have enjoyed eating them too much. Soon after our entrees were placed on the table and we were digging in, Reagan chose to projectile VOMIT... everywhere. Zach whisked him to the bathroom as Reagan continued to ralph, leaving a tasty trail of puke across the restaurant. It was lovely and not embarrassing at all. Needless to say, the celebration ended rather abruptly.

Here's the poor guy once we got home modeling his up-chuck bowl. I found him yesterday pretending to sob and then gag into another bowl, how weird/adorable! 

P.S. I updated this post with pictures, on account of my friend Samuel.


Sara! said...

I FORGOT ABOUT THE LEGO'S PART!! (That was me screaming.) Melissa didn't get it and I had to try to explain to her... it was just as awkward from me to her.

Also, if your husband was singing to you, poorly I might add, at your wedding wouldn't you be tempted to sit down and look the other way?

BTW, congrats on getting into your program. You must be a smarty pants.

Lastly, Melissa told me how amazing your entire blog is and I can't wait to read from finish to start when I have some free time. Yay for new blog friends!

emry said...

WAY TO GO ASH!!!!! That's great :) I'm so happy for you. Hope Reagan's doing better! And I agree, the vomitting wouldn't be embarrassing at all ;)

MeL said...

Oh my gosh, congrats! Seriously, getting into your desired program is like the happiest/suckiest thing ever! Yay for school love/hate!

And also, I just laughed OBNOXIOUSLY loud when reading your comment on Sara's blog. Those were truly amazing parts that needed mention. I'm also really glad that you read up on Sara too. While reading your blog for 8 hours this week, I actually copied and pasted a small tidbit into an e-mail and sent it to her and instructed her to come bask in your hilariousness.

Oh, and how do you know Nancy Face? And why don't you live in Mesa so that we can all hang out?

MeL said...

Something I should clear up before you get to know Sara, she's a compulsive liar. Not all the time, mainly when she thinks it would be funny. Hence the legos, I am the one that had to explain to HER.

Okay okay, there was no explaining, more just like us dying laughing.

Um, I believe it was a post about how you hate it when people post drunk pictures of themselves like it is cool. And then there was a P.S. at the bottom explaining Facebook to your grandparents. It was pretty much the highlight of my life.

Yes yes, Dave Ramsey is a nice thought, but not a reality for us at this point in our lives.