Monday, January 26, 2009

Being an adult stinks

Okay, here's how our weekend went down.

Pick out and dry pictures that Reagan through in the toilet. Break the washer, Zach fixes it.

Mom comes up to visit! Reagan is engulfed in kisses/hugs. She buys us dinner, a jock strap and treats Zach and I to a movie [Mall Cop, my opinion- a good rental] Break washer again, Zach fixes it.

Wake up paralyzed from the chin down and the shoulders up. Whine, and whine, and whine, to anyone who will listen.
Mom treats us to breakfast at Zach's lover, Denny's. Discuss the possibility of my hair being long by Em's wedding. Put Reagan (and Zach) down for a nap. I seriously found him sleeping like this...
Mom leaves to go home. Break washer, Zach cannot fix it. Enjoyed watching "The Cat in the Hat" more than Reagan did. Zach microwaves a heating pad for me, thus igniting it. Evacuate the house as quickly as possible while grabbing blankies and warm clothes. Zach vomits due to smoke inhalation (he was exposed to the majority of it.) Tried to kill some time while the smoke cleared out of the house. Luckily, it was close to Reagan's bedtime so we just drove around and explored/stalked some ginormous houses in the area... while splitting a large, chocolate milk shake (to "coat our throats"). 

Threw away microwave ("How am I supposed to eat?" Zach fretted). Researched buying a new washer.

Oh you know, just livin' it up here in the burbs, just livin' it up.


MeL said...

Please don't be alarmed when you see on your sitemeter a visitor from Mesa, AZ who lurked for like 8 hours stright, that was me. I wanted to see who you were, and then thought you were crazy cute and very hilarious, and consequently needed to read your ENTIRE blog, and apparently I'm a slow reader, because 8 hours later, I'm commenting.

Anyhoo, thanks so much for saying hello via my blog! And I sooo agree with the whole Miss America pageant deal. My husband asked me why I even watched it, to which I replied, "Um, because I like to judge them." Yes yes, I'm a sweetheart. But anyway, thanks again for stopping by! I am seriously excited to read your cleverness on a constant basis!

Nancy Face said...

HEY! I know Mel up there above me in the comments box! She came to my daughter's's wedding reception! She is AWESOME! :)

Nancy Face said...

I just love it when Mom buys us a jock strap. ;)

Nancy Face said...

Oh, NOOO!!!

I'm sorry about the pictures in the toilet...EWWW! I'm sorry your washer was so determined to die...BUMMER! I'm very sorry you had a paralyzed neck...SADNESS! I'm sorry that Zach blew up your microwave...CRAZY! I'm sorry he vomited...ICK! :S

That was not such a fun weekend...things have just GOT to get better from there!

Ashley said...

LOL- Nancy Face you are crazy!!! And small world about the reception... lucky duck, she got to see all of it's damask-gloriousness in person :)