Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LTW - 2 years

Side note: I just sat down to eat a sandwich from Jimmy Johns while I wrote this post and when I unwrapped it I saw they forgot to put lettuce on it. It's a BLT so the lettuce is sort of the cornerstone to the sandwich. So that bugged me but it also reminded me of a story from a few years ago when the same thing happened to me. I caught it before I left the parking lot so I just parked and went inside. When I told the cashier they were like "HEY who's on lettuce?" and this worker with a pony tail turned around and it was MY BROTHER DREW. L.Oh.L. 

Levi's 2 year stats and facts

Height: 33.75 inches
Weight: 27 lbs 6 oz

He is starting to get really fun. I feel like Zach and I look at each other 50 times a day pointing out something funny/weird/brilliant we think he's doing (pretty much like all parents in all of history.) With that being said, he is also really trying. I won't dwell on that because I've already dedicated a whole post to it here

Physically he's got it all down. He kicks balls, stacks blocks, pushes scooters, almost pedals bicycles and escapes the house on a far too often basis. 

Verbally he says a lot of things. Probably more than he let's on because he is very very stubborn. Possibly the cutest word he says is Shepherd (bep-perd.) We'll keep working on stringing multiple words together.

One thing we've noticed about Levi is that he rarely asks for help. He is a super problem solver. If he wants something (a snack or a toy for instance) he figures out a way to get it all on his own. The antithesis to this is that he gets super mad when he can't do it himself and screams/hits anything nearby, instead of asking for help.

Sitting and playing quietly isn't really his jam. Books, coloring, movies...nothing he is interested in. If it is a video of someone he knows he will sit for maybe 2 minutes and watch it. That's about as much as I get. On the other hand, he will throw a football to you or put a basketball through his kiddie hoop for what feels like forever. 

Chris, Zach's dad, calls Levi a glazed donut. He always has something caked to his face (food, snot, a combo of both, etc.)

Likes... putting on everyone's shoes, mowing our yard, being outside ("ow-sigh"), most food.

Dislikes... having his face wiped, listening, having to sit down when he eats. 

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