Thursday, October 15, 2015

September + Quotes

Zach walking around to open the car door for Reagan because his car has child safety locks...
"Wow, thanks. It's like I'm the president and you're my servant."

Shep eating a corn dog...
"This hot dog lollipop is so good!"

Shep has this habit of adding "or not" to the end of a lot of questions right now. So 100 times a day we hear "Are we going to eat dinner...or not?!" "Are we getting in the car...or not?!" and then if you get hurt "are you going to be okay...or not?!"

Reagan on the way to Everett's baptism, "How do you cover the baby with water without drowning them?"

Reagan and I used a couple of my dad's U of I tickets to see a football game this fall, Zach worked overtime at that game so it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately, the game had lightening-delay after lightening delay but luckily for us we "knew a guy" and he just let us hang out with him in the tunnel for a few hours. We never actually saw a game but we had a great time.

Shep never ever puts pants on. Especialy after going to the bathroom and when I ask him about it he responds exasperated, "I jus can't 'member it!"

Shep, completely sincerely, to a bald baby, "I like your haircut!"

If you've seen The Magic School Bus than this will make sense to you. Reagan, "I wish I was in Ms. Frizzle's class for the field trips! Plus you don't have to pay to go on them so you'd be liking that!" (winks)

Running late to somewhere (everywhere) and we passed a car broken down on the side of the road. Reagan asked what was wrong and Zach said he didn't know. Reagan asked if we were going to stop and help. We said no. Reagan said "God says we should put other people's needs before our own." We stopped and helped him.

Reagan to Shepherd who was trying to pocket some check out line candy. "If we don't return it than that's stealing. Then we'll have to go to jail and eat yucky food." (because obviously that's the worst part of being in JAIL.)

I was buckling Shep into his car seat and Levi quickly climbed into the drivers seat. Before I knew it he had snapped off my cruise control stick on my steering wheel. It's hanging on by literally a wire now so it has to be taped on otherwise when you make turns it just flops all over the place, hitting things. Thank you Levi, he's just keeping me humble.

Shep had a peanut m&m for (apparently) the first time and was SHOCKED and ELATED that there was a peanut inside. He asked me to take a picture of it.

Shep, "Why they call it juice?"
Because they take the juice out of an orange and you drink it.
"How they get the juice out?"
They squeeze it all out.
(eyes big) "They pop the orange?!?!"

Shep every.single.time he wakes up in the morning or from a nap "I missed you so much!" (squeezes you tight around the neck and then finds your lips so he can kiss you smack dab on the mouth) He also asks proposes marriage to me on a daily basis. So sweet, he is made of pure sugar.

Spirited indentured servant, "you just have kids so they can do the stuff you don't want to do." Never have truer words been spoken.

Max (the dog) spent the weekend with us. Can you imagine between hearing, touch and smell how over stimulated his senses were those few days?? Poor soul. Reagan was very interested in how Grandma would dispose of his body when he died. He was worried she would "disintegrate or incinerate" him (aka cremate.) This is not an elderly dog fyi.

Zach had his pinning ceremony for Champaign Fire Department. I'm very thankful that Chris and Kristi were able to come. Levi sat for approx. 2 minutes of the ceremony, then he and I walked around the truck bay. Half-way through, Shep got a tic tac stuck up his nose. His (aggressive) efforts to get it out in turn made him have a nosebleed. And afterwards Reagan spilled his cup of red punch (quit it with the red punch people) all over everything. We are fun! Please keep inviting us to things! Coincidentally, he recently got a "save" and is being recognized next week and guess what? JUST US TWO are going. Stretch your imaginations as to why.


This isn't an important picture it is just to document the fact that Zach bought new shoes and stopped wearing the pre-owned ones he found in the garage of this house when we moved into it.

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