Friday, July 17, 2015

What the youngest of three boys looks like.

Post grocery trip. Proud of the couscous (the smallest form of rice) nightmare he created.



When I talk about his shenanigans (what a fun sounding word for such frustrating activities) I assume people think incredulously, "well what are you doing while this is going on?" I've had two other boys, VERY ACTIVE ones at that, and I think I would have thought the same thing... until I had a child like Levi.

So what I need you (and plead with you) to understand is 1. he is sneaky/quiet/conniving to an impressive degree and 2. there comes a point in the day when I have to go to the bathroom, help other children put their clothes on, make life sustaining meals for the family, etc. !!! I can not trail him 24 hours a day (even though that feels like it's what I do.)

 So my decision, for my sanity and also posterity sake, is to take pictures of his antics. Heavily filtered of course, the soft glow softens the blow and makes them seem but a distant memory. HA. HA HA. ha ha ha.

Hand stuck in a baby wipe container. // His perch for watching garbage trucks, mailmen and dad mow. // Chair pushed to the counter, climbed on to the counter, emptied out a few of my spices. // again with the counter, wet a roll of paper towels and their holder in the sink.
 We deadbolt and lock all of the downstairs doors (and most of the upstairs) but he has worked around the system and pushes toys up to them and unlocks them all. Hashtag flight risk. // At Reagan's baseball games he chooses to be as far away from me has possible. With an added layer of height of course. // Generic cheez-it spill. Have I ever told you how we did a major cheez it experiment and determined the off brand from Aldi is the most pallatte pleasing. It was a blind taste test. We weighed saltiness, crunch and overall flavor. Come here for wisdom. // And again with the escaping.

Some simple math for you...
25% Naughty + 25% Ornery + 25% Cuddly + 25% Playful = 100% LEVI

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PKYoung said...

Him and Stella are kindred souls!! I could photoshop him out and put her into everyone of those photos!!