Friday, July 10, 2015

Fourth of July

Zach had to work on the 4th of July but that didn't stop us from having a great day. We did the Towanda parade that morning and then went to Peoria that afternoon/evening. 

Towanda's parade (right off Route 66) has that perfect small town Americana feeling to it. It was a good size too; heavy on the tractors and light on the candy, making all parties involved happy. 

Fireworks on the Riverfront was such a neat experience and what a show it was (the people watching and fireworks I mean.) The boys rompers are from a friend of my moms, they still had the 50 year old tags on them and everything.

Levi's facepaint. 

It was one of those parenting situations where you question who this is for. We paid for it. Then he watched his brothers get theirs done. Good, great- going well. Then we sit down together on the seat, if I put him in my lap he'll probably sit better. Give him a sucker too, now he'll really sit. All my bases are covered. She picks up the air brush gun and he loses it. Back arches, head shaking no. I instruct the teenager with braces to just DO IT. I'll hold his head in place and you go go go! He screams the whole time but my head lock his strong and he emerges with basically an oversized American bindi. Why was I so invested in this face paint experience? Did I drink the 4th of July kool aid? Did Zach say Levi did it to protest the outfits I made them wear?


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