Sunday, April 5, 2015

Basketball 2015

This year was a (air quotes) "big deal" because they were allowed to steal the ball as well as shoot free throws. Reagan only shot one free throw but he made it! By some miracle I filmed it and Zach rewatched it more than Reagan did I think. "Look at that form," said that man with the beaming smile. Reagan made huge strides this season. He matured a lot and nailed down some key fundamentals, him and Z stayed after practice every week working on things. Reagan is already itching for baseball season to start, and we're like father time please be kind. We had a fun season but the break between sports is always welcome. I'm am looking forward to a nonindoor sport not confined to bleachers also known as my kids' diet of skittles and popcorn.

Out of the 10 or so games I brought my camera to a total of one game and here are the pictures it produced. Reagan was number 12.

 Checking the score. Always checking the score.

Shep really into the game.

One big indifferent happy family.

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