Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Zach was sworn in for the Galesburg Fire Department Monday, February 16th. 
We were so proud of him. 

Zach left SF about a year and a half ago, since then he has been working his butt off pursuing fire fighting. He took a great job in purchasing at Homeway that was able to support us in the meantime while also being able to volunteer in a small town.

So Monday he was sworn in and Chris and Kristi went out with me and the boys to watch it. And by watch I mean the boys shoved handfuls of tic tacs in their mouths and I almost suffered heat stroke trying to wrestle Levi. Eventually I gave up and he walked to the front and Zach held him. Women's hearts worldwide melted in unison. It was a great ceremony and there was a really nice article in their paper too.

16 months is busy! Levi and I were too rowdy for the tour so we played trucks in the foyer at City Hall. 

I'm laughing at this picture in hindsight because in the moment I was positive we were daring death and asked them nonchalantly but firmly to stop raising the bucket. Then Zach's parents got in and went about 3 times higher. Shep cried the next 15 minutes because he was so sad he had to get off.

 Happy family at a reasonable height!


bnlacombe said...

YAYYY! Congrats. So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Great family affair! Good pics Ash. So happy for Zach, and for you supporting his calling in so many ways! Papa Steve