Sunday, April 5, 2015

Here and There

Should we address the elephant in the room and acknowledge how long it's been since I have updated? Some readers (all two of them) have been vocal about their disappointment and I apologize but Zach has been at fire academy for the last four weeks (only 2 more to go!) and he has had the computer with him during the week. I don't even know where to start but I suppose a quick round up of pictures off my camera and phone will do.  It always takes me a long time to actually upload them onto the computer, what with the laborious activity of plugging in a cord and all, so some are a bit old. They are in absolutely no order what so ever.

Celebrating the girls' 10 year adoption anniversary.

We celebrated a friends' police academy graduation with a double date to the gun range. It was equal parts terrifying/empowering. 

Sofie turned S I X T E E N! Shep helped her blow out her candles.

 Our couch cushions, more commanly known as fort cushions. Literally never actually on our couch.

 There is a lot going on in this picture so let me break it down. In wedding dresses. Watching The Oscars. Playing Sequence. An early highlight of 2015, soon to be an annual event. Contact my people (me) if you'd like in on it.
"A monster named Bloomington Thunder holding a saw and a stick of gum while smoking a cigarette." Mixed Media Artist- Reagan Williams

We have family friends who we joke with about the lack of personal space Zach and I's kids have compared to theirs (hers are not nearly as huggy and generally understand boundaries) so I snapped a picture of mine watching tv like normal.

 You made it through! Good job!

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Anonymous said...

A tribute to your fine job of blogging is how excited I get when something new is posted!! Love every picture!! Love a. Debbie