Monday, January 5, 2015


I really love that Christmastime is one word. It just feels right.

We have had a tour of Christmases this year. I wanted to document them all without having to split them up so this is a bit of a long post.

Williams Christmas - December 19th

So many new babies! Hillary and Nick had Trenton on Halloween. Elena and Irving brought Isaac who was only four days old. And Luba and Victor's is coming soon in June.

December 26th

December 27th

Shaffer's Christmas - December 28th

We were inside the farmhouse too but ponds and cows are too much for 7 grandsons to be kept caged inside for.

More Shaffer's! - January 1st

One grandchild missing and three more on their way (Melissa, Kayla and Luba's.) Grandma Darlene will have 11 great-grandchildren by the end of this year!

Shep was nailing it in these so I just need to post all four because all five of us being semi-normal will never happen again in this lifetime.

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