Saturday, October 11, 2014

Like a (tree) house.

(I hope you read that to the tune of The Commodore's "Brick House.")

As soon as we bought this house Zach had grand plans for our backyard, plans he revealed to me very slowly and usually while I had the boys with me on vacation, because he knew I would dig my heals in firmly otherwise. This guy makes things HAPPEN. I can't explain it any other way. He has a vision and he goes to work. If you would have asked 18 year old me when I agreed to marry him if I knew I would find so much value and pride in these qualities from a husband I would have balked. I tend to play the part of the griping wife through the process. And I do it so well! Complaining about how inconvenient it has made our day to day and how frustrating it is to keep the kids out of scattered tools, then when it's all said and done I'm like "Come friends! Look at how awesome this is!"

Something that Reagan and Zach have talked about for years and years is a tree house. When we had concrete poured the existing play set needed to be relocated and Zach used this opportunity to follow through on his word. After investigation (climbing in and looking at it) the enclosed area was covered in black mold so with the help of our week-old neighbor kids, Zach disassembled it.

Then I took the boys to South Carolina. Zach said he was going to do some yard work. Instead I was sent pictures (BY FRIENDS) of Zach renting a chainsaw and stump grinder and taking down 4 trees. YOLO. But that's a story for another post. Once we returned everything was set for him to work on retrofitting the play set into a tree house.

Can you spot all three of the boys above?

Big hit!

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