Monday, September 22, 2014

Levi Tripp Williams - O N E


There are no babies in our house! Now I am supposed to say, "our kids are seven, two, and one."  Man this one really snuck up on us! I've heard that with your first they always seem so old to you and with the subsequents they tend to seem "so young still" and I am sitting here emphatically shaking my head yes in agreement.

Here are things you might like to know about our not-baby:

He prefers one side of his blanket over the other.

At 9 months he started speed climbing our stairs, yet he's not even close to walking. Pulls up on anything/everything but has not figured out he can side step while holding on.

Loves to roll a ball back and forth to you.

Eats whatever we eat and drinks exclusively out of a sippy (whole milk and water only.)

Shakes his head no.

Says dada and mama plus other babbles.

Loves baths, hates carseats.

Has 4 teeth and 2 more working their way in.

Gives big hugs and big kisses (the good ones with his whole mouth.)

Zach thinks he needs a haircut but remember those are a hard pill for me to swallow.

He's just sweet. That's the best way I can describe him. He smiles easily and distributes cuddles liberally. I'm excited for him to grow older and for us to learn more about him. The transition from two to three was harder for us. I think once we had Shepherd, Reagan was already very independent because he was so much older so we did not have the typical "two children" experience. Going to three, and especially having the younger two so much closer in age (it felt like we had two babies for a very long time) caused us to readjust in ways we hadn't anticipated. For instance, I used to try to have most house stuff done during the day. Then when the kids went to bed it was just Zach and I time. A couple months after Levi was born I realized I could never quite get to the bottom of my to-do list and I was doing laundry at all hours of the night (literally, wake up to nurse and switch the wash to the dryer on my wake back to bed.) Sure, some days it is exhausting but goodness gracious, I am so thankful I have people who need me to wash their clothes and people who fight me when I try to suction their noses with the aspirator. I know there are families who are waiting on their people and I feel for them. I never want to take for granted the frustrating things. (But kids if you read this please stop planking your body when I try to buckle you into the carseat.)

a n y w a y returning to the hot topic - All 4 of the rest of us really love to love him. Happy Birthday Levi!


bnlacombe said...

We've got a planker, too! I loveeee when she decides to do it on tile/cement.

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Anonymous said...

Reagan and Shep are sure handsome boys; but I think Levi has that JFK look going for him. So distinguished already! Gramps