Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Turning two...

Shepherd turned T W O on May 30th!

If someone is going to get sick or injured it will be Shepherd. 
His first Easter... pink eye. 
This past Thanksgiving... stomach flu. 
Christmas 2013... again with the pink eye. 
His second birthday... hand, foot, and mouth disease. Of course!

So please disregard his spotted appearance in all of the following pictures. It appears similar to chicken pox but instead of being itchy the sores are pretty painful. He had them mostly around and in his mouth, as well as down his throat. As long as we had him on a healthy regimen of tylenol his spirits were up. We started the day off with some of his favorite homemade blueberry muffins. He loves to call them cupcakes and I never correct him. Then off we went to his well check up. His measurements...

27 lbs 7 oz
33.75 inches tall

We rarely do big parties for the kids but I like to do the kid's balloon number each year. So post-appointment we ran to the party store where I purchased Shepherd's birthday balloon, Levi fussed and Shep ingested two foiled covered chocolate basketballs (foil and all.) Then I stepped outside where I promptly lost the balloon. I have no idea why as the kids are SO EASY to corral inside a store where they basically only sell candy and toys. So off it floated... up up up... and us and fellow party store patrons stood and watched. Needless to say, we did not brave another trip in. After doing a few paperwork things for the new house (hey! we bought a house!) I went home, laid the kids down and made the tasty-but-aesthetically-lacking cake. Later that night our parents came over (along with many neighborhood children that Reagan invited unbeknownst to us) and we celebrated the birthday boy.

 The poor kid!! We basically didn't take him anywhere for a week because it looked like he had leprosy.

Reagan went to the (dollar) store and picked out the above little toy specifically for Shepherd and it turned out to pretty much be his favorite.

 Photographic evidence of how accident prone he is.

 Those fingers are just ITCHING to catch that bubble.

 My brother couldn't come down so we FaceTimed with him before we CakeTimed.

What I've said about Shepherd before.... He is our child of high highs and low lows. He loves salsa by itself and singing Jesus Loves Me. If Levi is sleeping he whisper-shouts BABYGONIGHTNIGHT. He is super accident prone and eats tactics like they are m&ms. He enjoys mauling babies and small animals but it's from the bottom of his hard-loving heart. he is seriously the best but also sometimes the worst. We love him anyway we can get him.

Reagan turns two here and here.

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