Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reagan is 2!!!

This weekend has been Reagan's birthday extravaganza, man oh man were we busy! Here is the weekend in pictures.... oh and this is the longest post known to man.

Sam came by for the afternoon and delivered an early birthday present from her and Reid. Sooo nice! And yes, that IS a Mr. Potato Head. AND he loved it. ANNND, so did his dad.

birthday morning AMBUSH!! 

I dared Zach to run out to the car in what he was wearing

birthday bath in his birthday suit
Our guests arrived (the grandparents, my brother Drew and his girlfriend Lauren, Zach's sisters Luba and Sofie, and my Aunt Debbie & cousin Evan) and then we opened presents!Can't you just hear him say "cheese"?

The cake that just about killed me to make...
Then Reagan ate his cake off of his father's head
Then, to the pool we went...
No words.

MOving on

Breakfast at Denny's before Zach's parents had to leave. And to prove my previous remarks about Zach's love for Denny's, we got recognized by the waitress. 
The rest of us went shopping for the afternoon, fun fun fun!
And then Reagan was OUT
I can't believe we have a TWO year old! Most conversations between Zach and I this weekend:

"Wow, you have a TWO year old!"

"You're TWO year old is pooping"

"Holy cow, he's been with us for TWO YEARS!"

It never gets old either. We had such a good weekend and were so glad that our parents and Debbie could come up and spend it with us. Also, thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes, we really appreciated them!

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