Wednesday, June 11, 2014

7 years and not itchy

Zach and I were married 7 years ago on Sunday, June 8th! The Friday before, Zach's mom and sister had Reagan and Shepherd spend the night with them and my mom took Levi. We got all gussied up for one another (a Cubs shirt and I threw on a skirt with the shirt I wore to the pool earlier in the day,) grabbed some sushi and then headed to the movie theater. Once there, we realized how tired we were and how much we would rather just go home and watch HGTV because envelope pushing = our lives. I loved it, seriously. Sunday morning we went to church and my dad took us out to lunch, bing bang boom another anniversary behind us. Go us! I can honestly say we like each other and love each other more today then we did the year before. And the year before that and so on and so forth.

Sunday morning, (Levi was taking his shift at being the unhappy child, everyone has to pull their weight around here.)
Thank you everyone for all your calls, cards, and well wishes!

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Anonymous said...

Love the whole fam in bed pic and me getting credit for breakfast. You guys are just terrific parents! Gramps