Tuesday, July 15, 2014

LTW - 9 months

Likes- feeding himself, waving, sweet potatoes, playing in water, saying dada

Dislikes- avocado, car rides, seeing mom when being held by someone else

He learned to crawl and pull up on things over the period of time we were moving (adding an extra layer of challenge.)

STILL NOT SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. And I might scratch my eyeballs out on this one.

He is probably the most sought after member of our party of five. If they had the choice, Reagan and Shepherd would probably pick Levi to hang out with, over any of the rest of us chop liver. Levi gets a lot of love with a side of roughness. It's not unrequited either, he totally feels the same towards them which makes me think we have a posse of Zachs softies on our hands.

Whoops, I scheduled his 9 month appointment for when we were on vacation last week and by the time I remembered, aka they called to remind me, I couldn't get him in for another month soooo... stats TBD.


Anonymous said...

Did you get stats from a Dr. appt at 9 mos. Ash?

Anonymous said...

Or is that not until 12 mos.?