Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's quiet around here.

We've literally been hibernating inside the last two months. A winter for the record books! So not much to report.

At 4 months Levi has discovered his hands and judging by their make-out sessions it's getting pretty serious. I heard Reagan talking to him yesterday and say "So little buddy, I see you're a thumb man." I saw him eyeing his feet yesterday so... we know where that's headed. He is easily the most ticklish of the kids, simply getting him dressed and undressed causes him to full on cackle. No rolling over yet but he's inching hit butt higher and higher so I know it's coming soon. He also has the worst cradle cap I've ever seen, I've tried a few different remedies but I think it's just going to be one of those grin and bare it type of deals to get through.

When I was taking the pictures off of my camera I noticed that Shepherd is eating a piece of fruit in EVERY PICTURE. Our grocery bills in the coming years are going to be insane in the membrane, no one in this house can control themselves! Shepherd is putting together 3 word sentences and recognizing colors (pretty much everything is blue) and shapes (aka just stars.) Baby genius!  

This list is more for me than anyone else, I wanted to jot down some things he says (at 19 months) for posterity sake.

sit down, stand up
eyes, ears, nose, belly, teeth
what's that
where is it
all done
that's hot
poo poo
hi, bye
momma, daddy, papa, reagan, uncle drew, tripp, gamma
banana, cheese, cookie, tic tac
blue, purple
star, oval, circle, triangle, diamond
cow, moo, neigh, dog, woof, baa, quack, rwar, oink
yeah, no, more

p.s. check out Shep's new hair cut (Zach buzzed it on a whim one night) in Reagan's birthday post. I surprised myself with how much I love it.

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