Monday, February 24, 2014

Doogie Williams, M.D.

Shep is so FUN right now. He's jumping into the "sponge stage" with both feet. We discovered yesterday that he knows all of his shapes and can say their names too. Obal. Dircle. Dheart. Dar. But impressively, diamond and triangle come out clear as day? 

The constant debate is who does he look more like. Randomly my mom sent me this picture (I'm on the far left) and then out of the blue a few days later, Zach's dad sent him this one.

He is the best combination of ornery and bashful. He is so easily excitable. And I think if I could just get a good bite out of his chubby little forearm or one of those cheeks, it would be incredibly satisfying.  

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Marjaneh Sara said...

He looks just like you! And your oldest just like zach!