Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Basketball 2014

We wrapped up the basketball season this past weekend. Zach coached Reagan in the Upward league through Eastview. Because Zach also reffed and was the prayer commissioner for the league too, most of our Saturdays were spent at their gym (aside from practices during the week as well.) I could wax on poetically about how all parties involved learned a lot over the past few months. But to cut to the chase, Reagan learned a ton of skills as did his father. Although Zach has obviously played basketball before, coaching is a different beast and it takes time to organize practices and corral/impart wisdom on 6 year olds. I was genuinely so proud of both my guys.

If you came to a game you would see:

- Zach and the opposing team's coach also reffing the game because they were short handed this season.
- Reagan downing all of his water bottle before the game even starts then getting a cramp and sitting down halfway through the first quarter. LeBron here would also be wearing his red sweatband that he has hardly removed the last two months. And if he was playing in the game his tongue would most certainly be out because that is how one best concentrates.
- As for me, I now know how valuable Reagan's fan club was to me during his games (two squirmy little ones do not a peaceful game make.) It was so nice to have someone hold the at-that-moment-sane child while I walked the halls with the crazy one, hint hint alwaysShepherd. Grandparents, aunts, cousins, friends... thanks for coming out guys!

I'm pretty sure my exact words were "take this picture with me if you want to go to Steak n' Shake." Please don't be fooled into thinking I am above bribing.

A little video from a few of his games. You might notice Reagan resorts to the "fake and shoot" move pretty much every time he tries to shoot.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Cyndi would love a copy of your video Ash along with any pics you may have. It looked to me like her boy Drew made a basket not long after the game started. Love Dad

bnlacombe said...

1. How is Reagan that old already? I swear I was just at your baby shower.
2. Shepherd looks EXACTLY like you. Josh and I have the same argument with Harper.